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Cats & Kittens Siamese

3 year old Siamese Female

  • 3 year old Siamese Female
Price : Free
Type : Adoption
Date : 27. May 2022
Sex : Female
Location : Malvern, AR, USA
She's a beautiful full bred siamese cat and is about 3 years old. She is not fixed. She howls every day especially at night even when she is not in heat (A howl that is not her communicating with you or other cats) . She has a very short jagged tail because the breder who the previous owner had gotten her from had slammed her tail into a door therefor her tail was inable to grow much longer. She does not get along very well with my other three cats or my small dog. I'm looking to find someone who is very patient to adopt her. She needs someone with not many other animals and no small children to spook her. She's also a masochist lol she will do a butt dance and make a high pitched purr sound anytime she gets in trouble.