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  • Chinchillas
Price : $189
Type : Adoption
Date : 12. November 2020
Age : Young
Sex : Male + Female
Location : Lansing, MI, USA
We have baby chinchillas as well as adults starting at just $199 for standard gray males. We also have many colors available. Our chinchillas are healthy, hand tamed and sweet! They will sit in your hands from the very first day you bring them home. We also have very affordable supplies available for sale. Have feed shipped right to your door!


If you'd like to add one of our chinchillas to your family feel free to give us a call 616-229-4596.

Or email [email protected]


We are located in Lansing Michigan. 

You can schedule an appointment to pick up your chinchilla or ask us about ChinSafe Delivery anywhere in the United States!


You can also visit our website at


 Find us on facebook at




Want to see videos of some of our chinchillas? Follow this link!  


Price List:


Standard Grey males/females - $199/$299


Beige males/females - $249/$349


Ebony males/females - $299/$399


Tan males/females - $299/$399


Sapphire males/females - $299/$399


Black velvet males/females - $349/$449


Homo Beige males/females - $349/$449


Violet males/females - $349/$449


TOV Sapphire males/females - $349/$449


Brown Velvet males/females - $375/$475


Extra Dark Ebony males/females - $381/$481


Chocolate males/females - $399/$499


Homo Tan males/females - $399/$499


Silver Mosaic males/females - $399/$499


Mosaic males/females - $449/$599


Pink White males/females - $449/$599


Blue Diamond males/females - $499/$799


TOV Blue Diamond males/females-$749/$999

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