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Meet Griffin, the chill cat

  • Meet Griffin, the chill cat
  • Meet Griffin, the chill cat
  • Meet Griffin, the chill cat
Price : $0
Type : Adoption
Date : 16. September 2020
Age : Young
Location : 16 Sheridan Ave, Albany, NY, USA
I am rehoming my cat named Grif, short for Griffin. She's a special and unique cat with many qualities to consider.

She's an adorable fixed 4 year old cat who is very low maintenance. She is sometimes cuddly, and often on her own, doing her own thing. She is not a rumbustious cat, but is very quiet and often to herself. She is very picky with how she's pet, and is often scared of little events or noises in the household. However, she's very nice to humans, and never aggressive.

She does not do other animals. This cat, when presented with dogs or other cats, will be very scared and aggressive, even after extensive acclimation and exposure to other animals. She is also standoffish to children, but I wouldn't say it's impossible. As long as you don't have any of those, she's quite possibly the easiest animal to have in your home once you slowly work to gain her trust.

Interviews will be conducted at the final week of this month and any "meet-and-greet" is non-binding. It's important this cat reaches a loving, forever home and as the owner I reserve the right to deny the adoption (just a disclaimer!). As you will be meeting me for an interview in my condo's lobby, masks are required and I will offer you some hand sanitizer upon entry.

$0 rehoming fee. Does not come with a carrier, you will have to provide that yourself. Also, while this cat was last taken to the vet last year, there is no documentation or medical records available (they were lost), other than it being a young healthy cat worthy of a loving home.

No calls please, text me or email me, I will gladly give you any information or further details.