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Puppy for free

  • Puppy for free
Price : Free
Type : Adoption
Date : 21. December 2021
Age : Puppy
Sex : Female
Location : San Antonio, TX, USA
Puppy is 5 months old,No name, She is mixed with husky, terrier, pitbull, Labrador, and her health is very good she is well fed. Her fur is white with a mix of black spots and a small black faded spot above her eye. She is very hyper and playful but likes to jump. She is very good with kids and playful with them. She’s good with other dogs she grew up around them. She is an outside dog but likes to be inside. She loves to play with stuffed toys. She loves to be around other dogs cause she is always playing around with them. Only giving her away cause we can not care for her but she’s a good family dog.