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Souquito – “Skeeter”


  • Souquito – “Skeeter”
  • Souquito – “Skeeter”
  • Souquito – “Skeeter”
  • Souquito – “Skeeter”
Price : $40
Type : Adoption
Date : 23. October 2022
6 yrs. old, tan, short hair

takes two-three walks a day, alert, friendly with small dogs, and children, prefer's "going" outside, he's outgoing, enjoys meeting strangers, barks at strangers he doesn't know, hesitant with big dogs, likes to sleep a lot, also, energetic, has his own couch and looks out the window an hour or two at a time, partial to women, loves the next door neighbor, eats best when he's watching dog videos between 6-7:00 pm like it's a movie snack, has his own blanket, most secure when things are more or less in their place and with a normal schedule,  will sleep in bed with me and on his couch with his two blankets if he's more comfortable there.  Does well at the vets.  Has a sensitive stomach, but eats his regular, nutritious dog food ($50 a bag, but it last longer).  Sometimes gets human meat or eggs.  LOVES to sniff around outside when going to the bathroom.  Plays Fetch, can turn in a circle, sit, and come, sometimes likes to shake one of his toys real fast from side to side(his shakey, shakey toy), prefers cloth-type toys to rubber, when excited about going outside will sometimes repeat- "uh-huh"-  He just went to the vet 10 days ago.  Had a tummy virus, took medicine and he's okay now.  Healthy, and just got his rabies shot for the year.  Registered tags with the county.  Likes to have his tummy rubbed.  He is an independent chihuahua but will sit on my lap sometimes even though he's not a lap dog.  He is a quiet dog.  Hardly ever barks unless at a stranger.  Tends to pull on his leash when going on a walk.  Not completely house trained, but goes on the dog pads at night for a reward.  He likes rewards more than pats or compliments for a reward.

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Stan Sellers

Registered: 3 months ago

Last active: 2 months ago

Safety Tips
  1. Beware of unrealistic offers
  2. Meet at a safe place
  3. Pay at pick up