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Small Pets Mini Pigs

Teacup Mini Micro Juliana Pygmy Nano PotBelly Pigl

$250 (Negotiable)

  • Teacup Mini Micro Juliana Pygmy Nano PotBelly Pigl
Price : $250 (Negotiable)
Type : For Sale
Date : 29. May 2022
Location : Lithia, FL, USA
SALE NOW ONLY $250 OBO They were $500 NOW ONLY $250!! 

Teacup Mini PB Piglets!

New Litter 5/22

Pigs are ready to go to their new forever homes NOW!!!!

They are already eating hard food!

We have available ONLY 2 pigs - both white with black - sexes unknown - early indication is 1 girl 1 boy

Thank you for your long continued trust & support in providing you the best Teacup Mini PotBelly pigs in the world! Greatly appreciate your business!

WE HAVE A NEW LITTER - WAS Asking only $500 each NOW ONLY $250 each!! - act fast or theyll be ALL GONE & Sold!

They were $500 NOW ONLY $250 each OBO

Theyll be ready to go to there new forever home when weened. Be the one, this is your time to own one of our awesome Teacup Mini Pigs, act now!

For Sale Teacup Mini Micro Juliana Pygmy Nano Pot Belly PIGlets or whatever you'd like to call them!

They are ALL small breed pigs - the difference is the breeders & the genetics of the actual pigs used to breed; that quite simply explains the difference in sizes - not silly made up names as an attempt to indicate a breeders pigs size variations from litter to litter - its all in the DNA of the parents! And it's NOT inbreeding; it's Selective Breeding.

We are a small family farm who specializes in breeding healthy miniature animals & have been very successfully for about 15 years. There are no "tricks" here - ie - meaning we don't have young not fully grown pigs having babies and claiming "look at how small the parents are" & the reality is the parents are not even full grown themselves! All of our pigs are here from the original breeders on through the many generations; so you can see them as each generation is bred to be smaller & smaller as the selective breeding continues. Please contact us to schedule farm visits.

Our Pigs are bred & raised for not only their health, hair & eye color, but size (to stay small). Let's talk size - we never guarantee weight as that depends on what you feed them and how much you feed them! What we do talk about is that no matter what you feed them nor how much it won't affect their size only their weight! So, put simply, feed only affects OUR pigs weight not their overall size (height & length); over feeding and or feeding something "crazy" such as Horse Oats will only make your pig FAT (and unhealthy) but it will not get any larger (meaning height & length) other than fatter, than already predetermined by our breeding and the pigs genetics! That's one key reason to only buy your Pig from us.

They make for awesome pets! They are easily potty trained - inside using a litter box (but dont use litter, theyll try to eat it, use news paper or pads), or they can be taught to go outside. They can also be taught to walk on a harness (figure 8) with line & to do many tricks. They are loving & cuddly.

Our pigs are: Smart, Friendly, Loving, Hypoallergenic, Flea & Tick Free, and don't shed.

Don't be mislead, you've seen all the "hype" as have weve seen & or heard it ALL as well; now come get the real info & the real deal Teacup Mini Micro Julian Pygmy Pig or whatever you want to call these awesome small Pigs! We are very successful animal farmers & have been for years, so, we know! Our pigs do not need immediate costly Vet visits as there are no needed shots etc they are born healthy - as a side note pigs need Iron when first born; ours get the needed Iron the natural healthy way.

So, if youd like an unnecessary Vet visit & or some made up Certificate, wed be happy to charge you thousands of dollars - just let us know! As well, if youd like us to take care of the Spay & or Neuter and even provide a crate again please just let us know & well charge you even more.

Thank you in advance for the trust you've placed in us, in allowing us the opportunity to earn your business by selling you a beautiful & healthy pig to take home & quickly become part of your family.

WERE $500 each - NOW ONLY $250 - act fast or theyll be gone - we can ship!

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