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Cats & Kittens Maine Coon

Two Maine coon kittens

  • Two Maine coon kittens
  • Two Maine coon kittens
  • Two Maine coon kittens
Price : $500 (Negotiable)
Type : For Sale
Date : 14. May 2022
Age : Kitten
Sex : Male + Female
Location : Lebanon, OR, USA

Have two 7week old maine coon kittens left 1 male and 1 female that are looking for there forever homes. They are eating solid food and drinking on there own they are completely litter box trained, and have also started being socialized with other animals and small children.  we have a male who has all black fur but with tiny specs of silver all through out looks like he will have a more medium length in fur then the other two. He is extremely funny and playful who loves all the attention he can get and is the adventurous one always wanting to go explore and learn what everything is. Then we have our female who has really rare fur she is what they call a "Blue smoke". This Black coloration in cats is caused by the pigmentation known as eumelanin.

A black smoke Maine Coon will have black-tipped fur with a paler undercoat whose roots are stark white which can be diluted through genetics to appear in many different shades and hues. This black dilute is also called “blue,” because it appears as a sort of bluish-gray. So you can brush her fur and she looks like shes almost a solid dark gray then brush her fur the opposite way and you can see her whole under half of fur is pure white. It is one of the most beautiful coats of fur ive ever seen. Plus it doesnt hurt that she has the sweetest calm loving demeanor with the most adorable grumpy cat looking face.