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Thriving Beta Needing New Home

$10 (Negotiable)

  • Thriving Beta Needing New Home
Price : $10 (Negotiable)
Type : For Sale
Date : 9. May 2022
Sex : Male
Location : Anchorage, AK, USA

Male betta fish, named "Colossus", that is thriving in his upright tall vase that also houses the roots of a common houseplant. I have had many fish that I have created this stunning piece with, and I have never had such a great symbiosis between the fish and the plant like this one. I am moving and need to sell. Only have a price because if taken as is, there is an a piece of gemstone that I have in the bottom that I will want a little $ for, but if I take that out, he is free and all of his accessories are free. The picture above is not mine, just the only one I could find online that would accept the dimensions until I can re-take his own image. I enjoy betta because they are low-maintenance, noise free, beautiful and peaceful to look out, and great company if looking for something to share the day's events with.