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Dogs & Puppies Corgi Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Wendy Pembrooke welsh corgi

  • Wendy Pembrooke welsh corgi
  • Wendy Pembrooke welsh corgi
Type : Adoption
Date : 10. December 2022
Age : Senior
Sex : Female
10 year old spade female Pembroke Welsh corgi. Long double coat. About 20 pounds.

Her name is wendy. She loves to be called wendy-woo.  She was the runt of her liter. So she is a little shorter than other purebred corgis. 

Shes house broken, leash trained. Shes also off leash trained. She will not run away she sticks around.  If she goes to far away from you in the yard just snap your fingers and or say her name tell her shes too far and she will come back. Also snapping your fingers while saying come here Wendy she will. She also likes car rides.  She will howl when she has to go outside if Shes not with someone. 

Okay with other dogs but preferred to be the only dog. Good with goats. Unsure with cats.  Shes very friendly loves attention. She is okay with kids. Protective. Loves to be outside and run. Loves walks. 

Shes kind of a one person type of dog. She does not like to be left alone. She loves to be around someone. She will fallow you around everywhere you go right by your side. 

Would be a good fit for a farm or place with a little bit of land. Has to be with someone 24-7. If she is left alone for longer periods of time she will act out of character out of spite for being left alone. Like going potty in the house. She is crate trained for times that she needs to be left alone for 4 or more hours. She doesn't really like to jump up on the bed at night. But she will sit with you on the couch a while if you want her to. But if you dont want her on furniture or the bed she dont mind. She will use a dog bed just as well. Not much a trick dog she doesnt really play ball but does like her stuffed toys. She will also need a place to in a sense hide. Like under a bed or in a corner. I just made the spot she kinda hid "her" corner so she felt secure but also comfortable an old blanket or her dog bed is good. 

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