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No Matter the Breed: Ways to Select Good Family Pitbull Puppies

The word Pitbull evokes many different emotions. You may never have met an American Pit Bull but you surely have an opinion, whether based on media coverage or the opinions of impassioned individuals.

Pitbulls are medium to large-sized dogs that are generally docile, even-tempered, and good-natured. Despite possessing a reputation for dogfighting and dangerous biting, the American Pitbull can be a joyous addition to an active family. The breed is energetic, playful, and eager to please.

If you are considering adding an American Pitbull to your home, how do you go about separating fact from exaggeration and myth? The truth is a Pitbull is like any other breed in that you must sift through the available information to determine if the dog type is a good fit for your personality, family, and lifestyle.

General Description of Pet Purebred Pitbull Puppies

Pitbull puppies all beg you to take them home it seems. Pitbull puppies for sale often look like tiny bears. Their size at eight weeks gives little clue to what they will become. As adults, they can be anywhere from 18 to 20 inches tall and weigh from 40 to 75 pounds. Females are typically smaller and may only reach 17 inches at the shoulders and weigh 30 pounds, while larger males can near 85 pounds. They all have blue eyes that rarely stay that way when they get older. Most will have brown eyes. Unusual coat colors like red or blue may cause dilute eye colors such as yellow, gray, blue, or green.

Getting Pitbull Puppies for Sale Early

Many breeders are anxious to wean pitbull puppies at five or six weeks and get them into their forever homes. Beware that your puppy’s socialization begins soon after birth. Between six and twelve weeks, your dog acquires most of its dog etiquette from its mother and littermates. If you take a new puppy home before seven or eight weeks old, you must assume the role of his or her littermates. It will include teaching your pitbull puppy the very challenging lesson of bite inhibition. Pitbull puppies for sale that leave their litters too early in life may develop certain undesirable behaviors.

  • Dog aggression
  • Suckling behavior
  • Difficult to discipline – Has a hard time accepting your authority
  • Struggles with accepting it cannot get everything it wants
  • Excessive barking
  • More mouthiness than usual

Colors of the Pitbull for Sale

The breed standard for a pitbull for sale is specific with regards to both temperament and physical characteristics. You will see the greatest allowable variations only in color. Most colors are acceptable for purebred pitbull puppies. If you find pitbull puppies for sale near you, you may be able to choose from fawn, blue, red, black and tan, solid black, or brindle. Any color can show varying degrees of white from none or very little to large areas of the face, chest, and trunk.

Female blue nose pitbull puppy
Female blue nose pitbull puppy

Once rare, blue nose pitbull puppies have begun to rise to prominence in the pet and show lines. A dilution gene that causes a dog’s blue coat also dilutes the nose leather so it is not truly black. These dogs will also have light-colored eyes even as adults. Similarly, red-nosed Pitbulls have a dilution gene that causes a light-colored coat as well as a red nose and red-rimmed eyes. Keep in mind that color dilution of the coat does not always affect the nose. Blue nose pitbull puppies can have a steel gray coat and still possess a black or even a red nose.

Breed Standard of Pitbull for Sale

Although most Pit bulls for sale near you will not likely be able to register with the AKC or FCI, you can expect a beautiful dog with a consistent look. The breed has a large head which is even apparent in Pit Bull puppies for sale. You will see strength through the body and muscling of the neck, shoulders, and hindquarters. Females typically have a more tapered shape although there are some tanky girls. The ears are usually semi-prick or rose. Many owners crop their dogs’ ears so they stand upright. Cropped ears can have varying lengths in the Pit Bull, with “fighting cuts” extremely short to highlight the head. American Pitbulls have a rather long whip-like tail and a fast, driven gait.

Different Types of Pitbull puppies for sale near me

In your quest for a Pitbull, you may stumble across the mention of four types. Only one of them produces purebred pitbull puppies for sale. All four types trace their ancestry to Irish-origin terriers and English Bulldogs. Bull and Terrier dogs, as people called them, developed around the mid-1800s for rat baiting and dogfighting. Bloodsport enthusiasts wanted a lighter and more agile dog as they moved to contests easier to hide than bull baiting.

The Focus on Making Pitbulls Family Dogs

Staffordshire Bull Terriers developed in England from fighting Pitbulls as breeders selected for more companion dog qualities and against fighting characteristics. It became a separate breed in 1967, but many entities still group it with Pitbulls. No one wants you to call their American Staffordshire Terrier a Pitbull, but the breed developed from a branch of the American Pit Bull Terrier. The AKC agreed to recognize it in 1936 as breeders selected against dogfighting attributes. American Staffies remain very similar to Pitbulls for sale, while Staffordshire bulls are much shorter. Finally, American Bullies are Pitbull crosses, with breeders intent on a particular look. Very young Bullies may look similar to purebred pitbull puppies, but adults are stockier with a larger head.

Health of Pitbulls

Judging the health of a Pitbull for sale can be difficult. Many backyard breeders may not have health certificates, especially as you may be considering a non-papered dog. The average American Pitbull Terrier who lives with a loving family has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Common problems are hip dysplasia, skin problems, and obesity from lack of activity.

To give you an idea of what you should research, consider the tests the AKC recommends for the American Staffie.

  • Cardiac evaluation
  • Eye certification
  • Knees and hips – Evaluation and OFA certification

Certifications are not always practical when you are in the process of purchasing a Pitbull puppy. The next best thing is to visit the residence of your future puppy and take a look at any parents or older siblings that may be there. Take notice of how the breeders take care of the dogs and the cleanliness of both animals and facilities.

Blue nose pitbull puppies that result from breeding close relatives will be more vulnerable to genetic abnormalities. These include allergies, bone problems, and heart disease.

How to Care for Your Pitbull Puppy

Like other breeds, Pitbull puppies between six and eight weeks of age should have access every couple of hours to either a gruel of puppy food and mother’s milk or kibble mixed with water. Hopefully, you have a puppy over eight weeks old, and it should eat three or four times a day until the age of four months. Between four and six months old, feed three times daily. After that, feed at least two meals in a 24-hour period. Pitbulls are prone to bloat, so it is vital not to feed them huge meals. Bloat is potentially life-threatening because if the stomach distends, it can twist and disrupt heart rhythm and electrolytes. Adult Pitbulls will require about 850 to 1100 calories per day, or about 2.5 to 4 cups of high-quality food. Whether you go with dry kibble, canned wet food, or a homemade or raw diet, animal-sourced protein and fats should be your main ingredients.

Socialization and Training as Part of Care

Many perceive the Pitbull as a tough and dangerous dog, but they are sensitive companion animals who need a lot of attention. Moreover, they are very intelligent and active. The biggest problem most people have with pitbull puppies for sale is not being able to provide them with enough exercise and mental stimulation. Bored dogs become destructive, and unsocialized pets become distrustful, nervous, fearful, and possibly aggressive. Lack of training leads to no discipline. An unruly hyper dog can be frightening in any situation with any medium or large breed.


You will notice Pitbull puppies for sale have a short coat. They maintain that coat into adulthood without much underfur. You should brush your dog at least weekly to distribute oils through the fur and maintain circulation. Pitbulls shed a moderate amount year-round. Dogs with skin problems may need biweekly baths with special shampoos, but otherwise cleaning your dog once a month should be sufficient. Clip your dog’s nails every four to eight weeks and check the skin and ears regularly.