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Turtles for sale
Pet Turtles for Sale: Sell and Buy Turtles on / Image: Mr. Suttipon Yakham

Buying and Selling of Pet Turtles

Turtles are a popular choice in pets due to their small size, but new and potential owners might not be aware of the work involved in their care and maintenance. Finding pet turtles for sale should include checking to ensure he or she is in perfect health. Do your homework to make sure the health and wellness have been guarded and you’re getting a reptile that lives for years.

What is a Turtle?

Turtles are considered one of the most primitive species of replies on earth and spend much of their time in the water. They are noted for their hard shell and webbed feet. Sea turtles rarely touch land, except when it’s the season to lay eggs in the sand. Freshwater turtles live in ponds, lakes, and slow-moving rivers. With over300 species to choose from, you are bound to find one or two that capture your heart.

Do Turtles Make Good Pets?

Turtles make great pets for those fascinated by reptiles that live both in and out of water. Interactions can be entertaining if the turtles are handed properly and good hand washing techniques are used. Always help small children in holding and moving turtles. Teach them the importance of washing their hands to avoid the salmonella bacteria known to reside on the surface of their body. Turtles are the perfect pet for those that have the time to ensure the water and aquarium environment is kept clean. Be prepared to take care of a pet turtle for 15-years or more.

Turtle Care Basics

Always allow your new pet turtle a few days to acclimate before handling for any length of time. Try not to handle them too often every day. Teach small children to enjoy watching, rather than touching and handling. Look for early signs of illness, such as swollen eyes, limbs, cracked shell, or a loss of interest in eating. Turtles that spend most of their time in hiding could be feeling stress or be sick. Have a veterinarian handy that specializes in reptile health and care.

Maintaining a Quality Environment for Your Pet Turtle

The larger your turtle gets, the larger the aquarium should be that houses your pet. A 50-gallon aquarium offers plenty of room for most turtles. The setup needs to include a portion of the area with clean water and items like rocks to climb up on when they want to be dry. Lighting needs to be good and as natural as possible during the day. The temperature of the water needs to be maintained at roughly 72-degrees Fahrenheit and the dry portion at about 85-degrees Fahrenheit. You can add an underwater heater to keep the water warm and an overhead heat bulb to keep the dry spots warm when the weather turns cold. Keep the water changed and leftover food removed to reduce bacteria growth.

How to Handle Your Turtle

A turtle has to be handled with care. Two hands should be placed on either side of the midsection to move the turtle or pick it up from the aquarium. Never roll the turtle from side to side or set it upside down. It can twist the intestines. Never pull the tail. It can separate the bones and cause extreme pain. Watch children when handling turtles. The legs should never be pulled. The shell is sensitive and shouldn’t be tapped. Watch the placement of fingers with a box turtle. It can clamp down and cause injury to your finger. Keep from motioning with your hands when holding and moving a turtle. Keep the turtle level and rotate them 180-degrees to look at the back or front, rather than turning the turtle over.

What to Look for in a Happy and Healthy Turtle

A happy and healthy turtle will eat well, sleep well, and be active during the day. The eyes should be clear and no drainage from the nostrils, ears, and eyes. A happy turtle is one that doesn’t mind some interaction but prefers to do their own thing. Be especially careful about the healthy appearance when finding baby turtles for sale. Babies need to eat twice a day. Monitor the turtle to make sure they are eating normally and staying healthy. Happy and healthy turtles might not come out of the water for long periods of time, but should spend a majority of time in the wet.

How to Find Turtles for Sale Near Me

Finding a turtle for sale locally can be as easy as checking pet stores or locating one through word of mouth. You can also try Facebook and other social media platforms. Some owners advertise turtles in the newspaper. You can also check message boards in laundromats and grocery stores. Check with veterinarians that handle reptiles and find out if there are local breeders. Use local phone applications that deal with pets. You’ll find your special turtle friend with enough searching.

How to Find Turtles for Sale Online

Many sources exist online to find a pet turtle. A lot of online pet stores are willing to ship you a healthy pet right away. Online classifieds are another way to find sources of pet turtles. Be careful when purchasing any baby turtles for sale. The turtles must have a shell longer than four-inches to be legal. Turtles smaller than this harbor lots of salmonella on the surface of their body. Make sure they offer a secure way to ship and are held in high regard in the pet community.

Sell Tourtles Online on / Image: Iurii Kachkovskyi /

Where Can I Sell My Turtle?

Selling your turtle might require using many of the above sources used to locate turtles for sale. Some pet stores might buy your turtle, depending on the rarity, age, and demand, but most will stick with their local trusted sources. Placing advertisements is one way to get more immediate response and to get the most money for your investment. Many of these sites will charge you money to advertise. You can always use at no charge. Develop a great ad that catches attention and gives the potential buyer the information they need to make a good buying decision.