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Alicia Khalil

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    Alicia Khalil

    Huntington Beach, CA, USA

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    "Ever since my childhood, my heart has been drawn to the cause of dog rescue. However, life's twists and turns led me to raise a family, temporarily setting aside my true calling. It wasn't until January 2023, as my third child began college, that I embarked on a remarkable journey in dog rescue. I started by transporting, searching for fosters, and providing a safe haven for unwanted dogs who had no other choice but to be surrendered to me. Through unwavering determination, I ensured they received essential vaccinations and spaying/neutering, all made possible with the support of my loving husband. Today, I am proud to say that I've helped numerous dogs find their happily ever after. This journey has not only been a passion but also a labor of love, and I cherish every moment spent in the service of these wonderful animals. Dog rescue is not just a part of my life; it is my true calling and my greatest joy."

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    Adopt Daisy

    Adopt Daisy

    • Huntington Beach, CA, USA
    Posted: 2. November 2023


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