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Lake Barrington, IL, USA (Lake County)

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I have always loved and lived with dogs, but my passion for breeding Bohemian Shepherds began five years ago when my husband and I brought home two beautiful full bred female puppies (Tippy and Lana) from a small village two hours east of Prague, Czech Republic. We knew right away we wanted to increase the popularity of this unique breed all throughout the U.S.A.! In early 2020 right before pandemic travel bans were implemented, I went back to the Czech Republic to pick up a handsome male pup, Thor (from a different pure bred lineage than the girls, of course!) that could make the dream of more Americans falling in love with this agile breed a reality! We are currently in the process of AKC registration. All three dogs were tested for possible and common genetic defects/diseases, and unfortunately we found out we cannot ethically allow our precious lady Lana to become a mom due to a minor recessive trait we do not want to propagate. However, Tippy and Thor passed all genetic testing and hip x-rays with flying colors and recently mated. We joyfully welcomed their first “Litter A” of lucky 7 pups in mid June 2022. These are the first full bred Bohemian Shepherds naturally sired and whelped in the USA! Over the years, I have trained our three dogs daily to ensure their minds and bodies stay active, stimulated and happy! I have spent countless hours attending training sessions and competition events with them. They have received numerous awards for agility, AKC fast CAT, obedience, nose work and AKC good citizens that make us very proud. We also feed our dogs only the highest quality foods and treats so they can live their longest, healthiest, best lives! The little puppies are undergoing a formal Puppy Culture Training Program to provide the new owners the best possible success as the puppies mature into adults. The litter has received excellent care from the moment they were whelped, from us as well as their birth mom, Tippy. The puppies continue to grow and explore the world around them in a safe, loving environment. Each week we introduce them to new puppy exercises to socialize them and stimulate their little minds so they can grow to be confident, strong and affectionate just like their parents. The puppies already had their first vet visit and they all passed as true champions. Since the checkup mostly consisted of the doctors cuddling them, we are hoping they will not mind future routine visits (fingers crossed!). We just started advertising in mid-July and only have a few puppies left who are looking for new human parents that will help carry on the majestic legacy of the breed in stable, loving environments. These dogs are not only incredibly smart and athletic but also fiercely loyal and can easily be trained to protect and/or serve your loved ones or the community. In fact, fellow experienced dog owners who are aware and willing to devote time and resources to enrich these little Bohemian Shepherds’ lives for years to come are our preferred demographic. Help us spread the love for this amazing breed by bringing a Chodsky Pes puppy home - it’s a truly remarkable opportunity you will cherish the rest of your life! To sustain the strong standards of the Bohemian Shepherd breed, Tippy and Thor were chosen to mate to combine high quality traits. Thor has a strikingly vibrant straight coat featuring gunmetal black and vivid tan colorations. Of particular visual interest are rich tan markings above the eyes, muzzle, neck, and brisket. Tippy brings a fearless competitive nature while Thor has a playful nature. Thor has an exceptional love of nose work, while Tippy absolutely loves running. They enjoy swimming with their webbed feet, double coat and strong rudder like tails. Tippy is on the taller side of the standard, while Thor is on the shorter side, so the combination is anticipated to fit perfectly within breed standards. Both Tippy and Thor have athletic builds with strong core muscles making all working activities appear effortless. The ears articulate for sound location and at times are held backwards as a sign of affection. Thor has desirable triangular ears highly set on the head. Both dogs are very affectionate, have a strong desire to learn and enjoy bonding closely to family members. Please visit the “Contact Us” page to send email inquiries on purchasing from Litter A or to register for future litters. Additional photos can be found on the Instagram link.

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Bohemian Shepherd Puppies

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