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Darci Andersen

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Darci Andersen

Louisburg, KS, USA

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Check us out at At Andersen Aussiedoodles, we have chosen to only breed the mini size of aussiedoodles (or I should say they have chosen us)! We love this breed, at all sizes, but having lived with the mini and toy sizes we find the mini size to be the perfect size for companion animals, while not being so small they seem fragile in any way. They can go anywhere with you (and they will want to as well!) and will be able to do any activities you or your family love to do! All of our puppies are well socialized, with both our own daughter playing a large part in their care as well as other friends and family visiting. They are like sponges during their with us and it’s such an important time in their development. Positive experiences are key. They hear a variety of sounds here, from birth, so they will be desensitized to sounds in the future and they won’t scare them…other dogs barking, cats meowing, roosters crowing and hens cackling, thunderstorms, fireworks, doorbells, vacuums, dishwashers, TVs, etc. It’s no library around here - at all! Likewise, they are exposed to a variety of unknown and unfamiliar smells here too. We do early neurological training with each puppy to give them the best start possible. The puppies grow up in our house, not in a kennel or outbuilding cloistered away from everything. They are loved and cuddled every day. We also start on some house-training basics and, compared to a kennel raised dog, they will be much easier to potty training. They eventually spend time around our other dogs, so they will not be afraid of other family members at your home. Their parents are treasured family members in our home. They are loved and cherished dogs who can then give that same love to your puppy. These girls are the BEST of mommas…we are so proud of them! Our goal is to start with the breed qualities we value and nurture their development from there. We try to give each puppy the best start possible and then help them find the perfect forever home that will continue that nurturing. We do this for the satisfaction it brings in seeing others enjoy their new Aussiedoodle family member as much as we do…and we offer this at a significantly more reasonable adoption fee than many other reputable doodle breeders. We are just one family working hard doing what we love. Any communications will be with us, there’s no one else….no assistants, no partners and no runaround. All puppies are born and raised here…you will know what you are getting, who is providing the care and you can see the loving environment the puppies have been raised in. As you can imagine that keeps us pretty busy, but I will do my very best to make myself available to all potential puppy families as well as always being here for our past puppy’s families…always. Text is the best way to reach me, but email is second best, with calls coming in last, at least without an appointment. Evenings and weekends will be the most likely time you will hear back from me. We hope to talk with you soon!

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