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Diana L Barclay

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    Diana L Barclay

    Bloomingdale, GA, USA

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    I love cockatiels! I began breeding birds for a hobby in the early '90's. Exotic birds always fascinated me. During that time I met a family who raised parakeets and cockatiels and saw how personable a cockatiel can be. I was hooked! Breeding birds seemed like a fun way to stay busy while my children were in school all day. My new hobby lasted many years and during that time I'd acquired a a variety of birds from Cockatoos to Finches. In the early 2000's I went through some family reconstruction and chose to allow myself time to heal and adjust. I've moved three times since then and in recent years, my children grown, I began to miss my little feathered friends. A couple years ago I acquired a few pairs of cockatiels and began again what I had grown to love so many years ago. I still enjoy every minute spent with my favorite breed of bird, the little bird with the big personality, cockatiels!

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    Baby Cockatiels – Tame

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    Posted: 30. August 2022


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