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    Galion, Ohio

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    We have been raising chocolate labradoodles since 2011. We're a family, with our girls living in our house with us. The Daddies live with their families. We have doggie doors that lead outside to fenced in cement area that has a fence cover to prevent any intruders at night. During the day we open the gate to a fenced in play yard area. Inside the puppies are trained with washable potty pads, outside they have the cement area, but then also have grassy area. The adult dogs do a lot of the training just by example, and the puppies learn very well. There are many happy families that will text or talk to you about us and/or our /their babies. Our babies live all over the United States. Some have traveled by plane and some by car to reach their families. Families usually reply within a week as to how smart the puppies are, how quickly they are adjusting to new home, how much love and joy the puppies give the family and how much they love their new family member. Recently we joined a male mini poodle to the family, for our smaller girls, because we've had many request for smaller labradoodles. DiDi is one of our smallest girls at 40 pounds. She is the first to have a litter with JB, 13 pound mini poodle. Their babies are adorable, 3 smallest have shorter legs and growing at rate to be like Daddy JB, 2 smaller ones have little bit longer legs and will probably be 20-30 pounds, and the 2 biggest ones will probably be 30-40 closer to Mommy DiDi.

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    Labradoodle Puppies-Early Christmas present

    Labradoodle Puppies-Early Christmas present

    • Galion, OH, USA
    Posted: 23. October 2022


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