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Preferred Puppies

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    Preferred Puppies

    105 Main St, Hamilton, OH, 45013, USA

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    Preferred Puppies has been owned by Cheryl Dalton since 1986. Since the beginning, Cheryl has been dedicated to selling only quality, locally-bred puppies. This dedication and Cheryl's determination to provide healthy, well-socialized puppies to each customer, has contributed to Preferred Puppies becoming the oldest puppy store in the greater tri-state area. Cheryl has always been an animal lover. As a young child, she began collecting all manner of "pets", including snakes, turtles, a baby robin, guinea pigs, ducks, rabbits, horses, kittens, and of course, dogs. As an adult, Cheryl's love of animals has only grown. That love, coupled with her savvy business skills, background in psychology, and an honest desire to help people, assures that she and the puppy shop is a match made in heaven. Cheryl donates money to several charities that work to shutdown puppy mills and improve animal welfare. Unfortunately, some of those charities erroneously target good pet shops, including Preferred Puppies, with anti-puppy mill campaigns. Regardless, Cheryl continues to donate because the elimination of puppy mills is simply more important than the accidental targeting of a quality puppy store.

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