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    Portland, ME

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    We currently have 4 kittens remaining that are available. You have the option to meet kittens in person. This is your opportunity to buy a special purebred Maine Coon Kitten for yourself or your loved ones. I raise 100% Pure Maine Coons ironically up here in the State of Maine. They are being raised in a family environment to allow for very social and happy kittens. The Queen is a 100% pure White Maine Coon with beautiful Blue Eyes who was purchased from Ukraine and picked up in Florida. The Sire is a White with Red and Orange markings and stunning Yellow Eyes was purchased from a very reputable breeder up here locally in New England. These gorgeous kittens are allowed to roam free and are never caged up. We want to allow them to learn and explore their surroundings, while helping to guide them, providing a warm, caring, loving environment. As they have matured, we have have exposed them to other cats, teenagers, young children, and even dogs. Our purpose is to provide families pure Maine Coon Kittens who have been socialized and make great, family pets! We handpicked both the Queen and the Sire to produce attractive and loving kittens that will thrive in a family environment. Maine Coon Cats are already known as Gentle Giants, and are as close to as felines can get to having the dog traits people search for. The kittens we offer are no exception. They are intelligent and loving kittens and we are searching for the right home for each of them. We will do our best to keep this list as current as possible but there has been a lot of interest lately: (1) White with Blue Eyes (Female) $3000 (2) White with Yellow Eyes (probable) $2800 each (males) (1) Silver with White and Black Markings (yellow eye color probably) $2300 (male) They will have all their age appropriate vaccinations and we can offer an informal, clean bill of health health certificate from our local Vet. They will be dewormed as well. We will also be groomed and their claws trimmed before going to their forever home. Most importantly, the parents have had all the tests one expects Maine Coon Cats to have, which generally always means the kittens are in good health as well, especially from indoor parents. We are honest people and encourage you to meet our kittens in person. We do expect to meet you and make sure you are a good fit and will provide a good home for these kittens. This is our second litter and we still stay in touch with the families of the first litter, as in, we very much care that each of these little wonders finds a loving forever home where they can thrive. They will be ready for their forever home in beginning of November - could make a great early Christmas present for your significant other or your kiddos! We do not play games, we are honest, hardworking Americans who just want to offer great, Maine Coon Cats to families. We are not selling what is known as show kittens, this is not the life wed like for them. This said, we will not neuter or spay the kittens, as our research has indicated that it is better to allow them to get older before doing this, as it helps them develop properly. If you have any questions that were not already answered above, please do not hesitate to ask. We look forward to you adding one of these beauts to your family! We located near Portland, ME. Warmly, Laurel and John (and family!)

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    2 Purebred White Maine Coon Kittens Remaining
    $2,800 (Negotiable)

    2 Purebred White Maine Coon Kittens Remaining

    • Portland, ME, USA
    Posted: 23. November 2022


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