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    Lawrenceburg, IN, USA

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    We have always had a passion for dogs and have been breeders for 18 years. We started our journey with English Bulldogs but after many years decided no matter how great the genetics were they would always have health concerns. We closed shop and moved to Indiana from Texas. Then I happened. We met Lucy the bernedoodle. My husband I fell in love with her sweet disposition, beautiful smile, and love for life. We were asked by her breeder to please get back into breeding and help her with her F1 line. We agreed one 1 condition. Health and temperament had to be the #1 priority. She was excited to hear that and we agreed. After a year of research on breeders and health concerns in poodles and Berners we selected a Berner line that was imported from Romania. Genetics were top notch and we found the lines in the US were poor causing them to be listed as a heartbreak breed. Our poodle came from a line that was developed over 20 years to breed out all common poodle diseases. The end result is the healthiest, happiest, most beautiful pups. They are raised in home and are exposed to everyday life, people and animals. They’re calm, social, and absolute loves. They get along with everyone and every without hesitation or fear. We pride ourselves on a providing smart, confident, well adjusted pups.

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    $2,000 (Negotiable)

    F1 Standard Tri-Color Phantom Bernedoodle Pups

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    Posted: 10. June 2022


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