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Danielle Harris

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Danielle Harris

Centreville, VA, USA

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Hey everyone! First you can find us on Facebook and Instagram. Welcome to Le Pepite Frenchies. Le Pepite Frenchies is a small, experienced breeder, established in 2018 with a family of Frenchies nationwide. Located in Northern Virginia, we’ve loved frenchies since high school, finally purchasing our first French bulldog puppy in 2018, Elsa, a Black Trindle Pied. After studying with our mentor for two years, we produced our first 2 litters in 2020 with Poppy and Elsa. We're proud to be members of AKC and CKC. Health testing through UC Davis or Animal Genetics and proper pairings based on DNA, structure, and temperament are very important to us. We specialize in exotic colors such as: Blue, Lilac, Merle, Tan Points, Chocolate, and Isabella varieties while maintaining functionality and great health so families can have a great, fun, and reliable companion. All of our puppies and dogs are cared for in a loving home environment as part of the family, never raised in cages. Our puppies enjoy various activities throughout their day including puppy socialization, pad training, photography, and puppy play time. All Puppies Come With: First Vaccine Dewormed Microchip Vet Wellness Record Registration Welcome Home Kit 1 Year Health Guarantee Contract Home of Osiris Son of Mr. Miyagi! Osiris is our black tri merle male French bulldog with an easy-going temperament and a loving personality. Like all our dogs, he has been raised and cared for in our home as part of the family and never kept in a cage. Osiris loves to be around people and wants nothing more than a good belly rub and a roll in the grass. He stole our hearts the moment we met him, and we can’t wait for him to steal yours too! In terms of looks, Osiris is very well proportioned with a muscular build and a nice square head. He has two bat-shaped ears and a distinctive coat pattern with patches of black and tan fur. Our favorite thing about Osiris (besides his affectionate nature) are his vibrant blue eyes – a rarity in the dog world. We may be biased, but we think Osiris is one of the best-looking Frenchies we’ve ever come across. X- Black tri tweed merle. Stands at 11” tall and weighs 28 lbs. X- AKC registered, meaning he and his parents are both 100% purebred. X- His father – Mr. Miyagi – can be found at Freedom Frenchies (Texas) X- His mother – London Pound Cake X- 4-panel health tested and cleared by UC Davis. X- n/at n/a B/b n/co D/d E/E Em/Em. No Pied No Brindle Guaranteed color! Interested in Meeting Osiris? What Can Osiris Do for You? Osiris would love to help your Frenchie have some gorgeous Frenchie puppies of her own, so why not get in touch today to set the wheels in motion? At Le Pepite Frenchies, our goal is to provide easy and seamless breedings wherever you are in the States, and we offer a wide range of breeding services to suit your needs and requirements. Take a look! X- In-house breedings: If your bitch is in season and you’re in the local area, we can bring Osiris directly to you for an artificial breeding. Alternatively, you’re more than welcome to bring her to us to meet Osiris in our home. Wherever the breeding takes place, we will be on hand the entire time to make sure everything goes smoothly. X- Side-by-side artificial insemination (AI): This method is similar to natural breeding, in that the stud and the bitch are both present, but the semen is instead collected and inseminated into the female by us. Ovulation timing is important with this method, as the success rate is much higher when the bitch is in heat. If you need some advice on ovulation timing, feel free to get in touch with us here. X- Frozen-shipped semen: If meeting in person is not an option, fear not – we can send frozen semen to anywhere in the US. However, we are required by law to only send semen to approved insemination stations, semen depots or veterinary clinics, so you’ll need to find your nearest before placing an order. Not sure if your Frenchie is a good match?

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