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Walterboro, SC, USA

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Born and raised in Walterboro, SC, I have 30+ years experience managing a farm and 10+ years experience breeding American Bulldogs. I initially started breeding American Bulldogs to help me on my family's farm. American Bulldogs are great at herding horses and cattle and protecting the farm from predators! A few years after I began breeding for the farm, locals started asking me if I'd consider selling some of my puppies to them. Over the years my business has grown immensely. I started selling locally but now sell to customers all over the east coast and love helping families find their newest pack member! Not much compares to hearing about the positive outcomes that result from my puppies becoming an integral part of the family. The strength, athleticism, loyalty, and affectionate nature of the American Bulldog makes them great family dogs. American Bulldogs truly are great with children and are very loyal to all members of the family.

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Adorable NKC American Bulldog Pups Now Available

  • Walterboro, SC, USA
Posted: 25. April 2023


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