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Lavena Brower

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    Lavena Brower

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    Goldens are my passion and we have 6 of the beauties. When they lay on my floor, I have a carpet of gold! We have 3 acres, a creek and live minutes from the Pacific ocean beaches where we play all the time. We take the dogs out to run on the beaches and up in the national forest several times a week, besides fun swimming in the summer. The dogs live in the house with us, at night they sleep in our bedroom with us and they go most places with us. We have an occasional litter and they are born and raised in the house and we start house training at 4 weeks. We also expose them to tons of stimuli so they are the most well rounded puppies you can find. We welcome visitors to our home and we offer free delivery on our puppies.

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    Bulldog mix Puppy

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    Posted: 3. March 2023


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