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    F2b GoldenDoodle Puppies for Sale *CKC Registered & DNA TESTED* Hello, and thank you for stopping by the ad! Please visit our Instagram for more photos and videos of the parents and puppies! ( Xena and Apollo are happy to announce their first litter of puppies! The puppies are available to pick up now! These puppies were bred and raised at my home in the Fairview Park suburb of Cleveland Ohio. They get to run around my fenced in backyard (pictured) and their inside room is one of the spare bedrooms in my home that is well ventilated and temperature controlled. These puppies come from a low volume breed (Xena’s first litter) that loves both of his dogs like they are family. Each puppy was met with many kisses and belly rubs from morning to night, and have felt nothing but full belly’s and love from the day they were born! Puppies Available Hermes - Black Male Artemis - Golden Male Cronos - White Male About the Breed Goldendoodles are becoming a household breed name due to their hypoallergenic and non-shedding characteristics! These puppies are classified as F2b Goldendoodles, or more commonly named “Double Doodles.” Their DNA is 62.5% Poodle & 37.5% Golden Retriever, which has been tested and the results analysis are available in PDF format. Each Puppy comes with the following - 8 Week Vaccinations Pre-Registered with CKC (Continental Kennel Club) Xena & Apollo’s DNA Report by Wisdom Health Puppy Collar Puppy Blanket Dog Toy 6 lb bag of Puppy Chow Each puppy is $1,000 and can be held with a $500 non-refundable deposit made with cash, Venmo, or PayPal. The final $1,000 payment will be in cash upon pickup. I will NOT ship the puppy. They must be picked up at my home near Cleveland Ohio. About the Parents Xena and Apollo are polar opposites in terms of personality and behavior traits, which make them the perfect parents to give their puppies the best of both worlds! Both pups are registered with the CKC and their puppies will be pre-registered as well, which can be completed or not by the adopter. Xena Marie 4 years old - Birthday - 3/23/18 - 46 lbs Apollo James 1.5 years old - Birthday - 8/22/20 - 52 lbs Xena is extremely intelligent and has learned tons of tricks…I always say she is too smart for her own good because she likes to play tricks on Apollo and I to sneak extra treats! She has learned her left from her right and how to pull me on my skateboard around town!. She is high energy and loves to run and play fetch. Even with all of the energy she is very sweet and gentle with everyone including children and babies. Apollo is my sensitive sunflower child. All he wants to do is cuddle on the couch and enjoy spending time with everyone. He enjoys playing “fetch” but doesn't quite get the concept of bringing it back…he would prefer to trot around with the ball while you chase him! He isn’t too much of a runner, but loves walking. Xena and Apollo DNA Information Both pups' were DNA tested to ensure absolute security and peace of mind for buyers. The results were performed by a DNA Wisdom Panel given at their veterinarian’s office. The DNA panel also checks for 150 different genetic mutations that could cause health issues, which both dogs have been 100% cleared on. - These reports can be emailed in PDF format before deposit. Xena & Apollo - Family Tree Poodle = 75% Golden Retriever = 25% Contact Info Phone Number: 440-242-1176 (Phone Calls Only) Instagram Messaging: Email: [email protected]

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