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9 Things you should know About Pet Snakes
There are several things you should know about Pet Snakes if you are considering getting one. / Image: Krisda Ponchaipulltawee

9 Things you should know About Pet Snakes

Snakes are perfect for those wanting an unusual pet for themselves or the family. As long as you research the type of snake you’re interested in and find a healthy snake, you should enjoy your new pet for decades.

What Do Pet Snakes Eat?

The diet of your pet snake will largely depend on the species. Some types of snakes dine on insects, amphibians, small reptiles, earthworms, slugs, and eggs. Others need vertebrate prey like mice, gerbils, hamsters, or rats. It’s perfectly fine for your pet snake to eat the same foods all the time. The need to vary the diet isn’t necessary. Another important feature of the diet is what shouldn’t be included. Snakes are not vegetarians and cannot stay healthy on a pure vegetable-based diet. Watch smaller children who might be tempted to share items like french fries or potato chips.Pet Snakes Eates Mouse

How Long Do Pet Snakes Live?

A few specific factors will determine exactly how long your pet snake lives. Good genetics and freedom from disease r injury help improve their odds of living a naturally long life. Keeping your snake well-cared for, fed, and their environment clean helps in pet snake longevity. A corn snake can live 5 to 10 years, a ball python 20 to 25 years, but a boa constrictor can live up to 35 years in captivity under the right conditions. Do your homework to ensure everything is right in nutrition, environment, and the type of snake you want as a pet.

What are the Best Pet Snakes for Beginners?

You’ll be a happier and more successful pet snake hobbyist if you choose the right beginner snake. The King Cobra is a gorgeous snake but far from the perfect choice for a beginner. A few of the things that made a great beginner snake are ease of care, docile nature, and less complicated routines for nutrition and upkeep. The Rosy Boa is a reasonably docile snake that gets up to four feet in length as an adult and lives upwards of 25-years. California King Snakes row to about 4-feet in length and live up to 15 or 20 years. Although considered docile, they can become temperamental if you don’t handle them often. A corn snake it great as a beginner snake and one that children can handle with relative ease. They live up to 20-years and have a great personality.Corn snake best pet snakes for beginners

Do Snakes Like Being Petted?

Snakes are not known to show a ton of affection, but you can develop a great relationship with the right snake, handling techniques, and persistence. Many types of snakes don’t like any type of interaction with humans. They feel uncomfortable with any level of handling. Other snakes like the corn snakes are more comfortable and permissive of being handled by humans. No snake likes to be petted in any fashion or for any length of time. At best, they will allow you to move them for cleaning purposes and to take them to the vet. It’s important that you spend quality time handling the snake on a regular basis to avoid problems and stress.

What to Feed Pet Snakes?

Many of the food items you need to feed your pet snake can be purchased at your local pet store. Crickets and other insects can be bought in quantity for a reasonable price. Pet snakes that need to eat food like rats or mice can be more expensive to feed. Always feed small or baby snakes pinky mice and increase the number as they grow. Larger mice and gerbils can be hard for the smaller snakes to swallow. Give great thought as to whether you want to feed them live prey or pre-killed. Live prey can lead to injuries to your snake when the prey fights back.

What are The Best Pet Snakes?

The best pet snake is the one you really feel attracted to and have the experience level to work with it safely. Almost all snakes make good pet snakes if you keep your expectations at a realistic level. Smaller, less aggressive snakes are almost a must for the first time situation or for children that are determined to have a snake for a pet. The suggested snakes for beginners is a great first list, but you can add the ball python if you are for a slightly bigger challenge in snake husbandry. You need to be careful and watchful when this type of snake enters a period of zero-calorie intake. It’s normal for them to go months without eating, but if they begin to lose weight dramatically it signals a health problem.Ball Python

What Types of Small Pet Snakes do Exist?

Are you looking for a pet snake that starts small and stays small? Snakes seem a little less intimidating if they stay in the range of 4-feet and under. Fortunately, there’s many types that live their entire lives as small snakes. A few to choose from are the Rosy Boa, Ball Python, Ringneck Snake, Garter Snake, Egg-Eating Snake, California Green Snake, and the Western Hognose.

What Types of Pet Snakes are Most Popular?

The range of snakes available for pets varies from different sizes and body weights. The boa constrictor is one of the most popular pet snakes, but it’s not a great snake to have around small children. It’s also imperative to ensure it’s in an escape-proof enclosure. Hognose, ball pythons, green tree python, corn snake, Carpet Python, California King Snakes, and Royal Pythons are a few of the choices you have in pet snakes. Sone can be found n different color combinations.

How to Sell Pet Snakes Online?

Whether you plan to sell one or 500 pet snakes online, you need a source of connecting with potential customers that are low or no cost. It’s helpful if you have established social media accounts and plenty of friends. Classified ads can be costly if you don’t seek out the right opportunity. is always free to advertise your specific pet snakes and reach a wide audience.Sell Pet Snakes Online

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