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Yorkie Poo Puppies for Sale: Forever Youthful and Charming

A Yorkie Poo for sale is exceedingly popular for its feisty personality and tiny size. Loving with family members yet always ready for a performance, the Yorkipoo has maintained its popularity as a pet for decades. Like most Toy breeds, the Yorkie Poo is ideal for owners with a lot of time to dedicate to a dog’s attention and grooming requirements.

Overview of Yorkiepoo for Sale

There is only one way to say Yorkiepoo, but the term has numerous versions.

  • Yorkiepoo
  • Yorkie Poo
  • Yorkipoo
  • Yorki-poo


Many purebreds do not have a well-established history let alone a designer dog such as the Yorkiepoo. Although accidental crosses probably occurred for years prior, the Poodle Yorkie mix for sale was formalized by 2010. Its appeal proved irresistible over the next ten years and beyond.

Background of Parent Breeds

Yorkshire Terriers, known for their long, silky thin coats and confident demeanor, are originally from the county of Yorkshire, England. During the 1850s, workers crossed various small terriers to obtain a small dog to help control the rat population in mines and on other sites. The dogs could also hold their own in recreational hunting for foxes and badgers. Yorkies first went by the name Broken Haired Scotched Terrier in 1861 and then Yorkshire Terrier in 1874. The AKC recognized the breed in 1878. Poodles have a murkier history than Yorkies, thought to have begun in Germany as water sporting dogs as early as the 1300s. However, much of their development into their modern form happened in France. Both the Miniature and Toy Poodle were bred from the already-established Standard Poodle. The AKC accepted the Poodle in three size varieties in 1887. A couple of registries also recognize a medium size between the Miniature and Standard Poodle.


The Yorkipoo is a small designer dog that is usually a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy Poodle. Since it is a hybrid, its appearance will vary depending on which parent breed it gets more of its genetic material from. Most puppies of the cross will inherit genes evenly. However, a few will look a lot like Yorkies, and a couple will look closer to Poodles.


Yorkie Poos are seven to fifteen inches tall at the shoulders and weigh between five and fifteen pounds. Those dogs with Toy Poodle parents are smaller than pups with a Miniature Poodle sire or dam. Breeders can better ensure smaller Yorkiepoos by breeding first-generation crosses back to Toy Poodles.

Typical Conformation

Most Yorkie Poos have a slender head with a gently sloping stop, a slight dome shape to the crown, and large round dark brown eyes. A little more than half of Yorkipoos have floppy ears while the rest have upright or button ears. The neck is moderately long, allowing a high and proud head carriage. Yorkipoos, despite their diminutive size, have an athletic build with well laidback sloping shoulders, a compact frame, and sturdy, well-angulated hind limbs. They are hard-bodied muscular dogs. Many breeders’ Yorkie Poo puppies for sale have their tails docked in keeping with the usual style of the parent breeds.


A Yorkie Poo for sale can be any color and pattern of either a Poodle or a Yorkie. However, Yorkiepoos are usually one of the following:

  • Blue & tan or black & tan
  • Cream
  • White & brown, red & white, or black & white particolored
  • Sable
  • Solid black
  • White
  • Sable – shaft of each hair is banded in two or three colors (red, brown, and black)


A Yorkie Poo’s coat will be hypoallergenic regardless of whether it gets the tight curls of the Poodle or the flowing silky single coat of the Yorkshire. Many puppies have a combination of mild waves and loose curls. Therefore, Yorkie Poo puppies for sale frequently have a characteristic tousled look. The coat is typically low shedding.


Yorkiepoo puppies for sale will show you a glimpse of what they will become as adults. Although individuals have variable personalities, most Yorkiepoos are bold and inquisitive. They tend to be adventurous and extroverted, although a few may be more reserved or exhibit more caution than others. A puppy hiding in a corner or being bullied by his littermates should put up a red flag for you. Either move on to another puppy or prepare yourself to take on a project. Additional Yorkie poo traits are as follows:

  • Friendly to everyone – strangers, other pets, and children
  • Courageous
  • Tenacious
  • Affectionate with family
  • Do not do well alone for extended periods – will become despondent or neurotic
  • Bark a lot
  • Clever
  • Like to be the center of attention; may have an affinity for performing


A Yorkie Poo lives ten to fifteen years. Dogs that are closer to three pounds at maturity will often live at the short end of the life expectancy range.

Yorkie Poo Puppies for Sale Near Me

Yorkiepoo puppies for sale are expensive, usually running from $1,000 to $3,500. Litters tend to be small, frequently having only two or three puppies. Yorkiepoos also have a low surrender rate, but you can still find a few in shelter and Poodle or Yorkshire Terrier rescues. Not only can you experience the satisfaction of providing a dog with a potentially better life, but many dogs from rescues and shelters are already neutered and vaccinated. They also are significantly lower in price than puppies from purebred litters. The exception is an accidental backyard litter. Regardless of where you look for a new puppy, inspect it for health. Puppies should be bright, alert, clean, and dry. You might think breeders of mixed dogs are not as vigilant as sales of purebred Yorkie Poos. You would frequently be wrong. Inquire about health records and certificates for your pup’s parents. See if there is any information about family trees and examinations on the knees and eyes.


Yorkiepoos require a lot of attention. A few will be side themselves even if you only step out for a couple of hours. They will tear up the house, bark incessantly, or injure themselves in their attempts to reach you. Many will suffer traumatic depression if it occurs too frequently. The other major requirement of Yorkie Poos is coat care.


Yorkipoos are tiny dogs and require more calories per pound than larger dogs. A good starting point for your Yorkie Poo pup is 60 to 70 calories for every pound of body weight. This energy requirement may surge to 90 to 120 calories for each pound when your pup reaches three to five months. As an adult, your dog will need a total of 90 to 450 calories a day depending on weight and activity levels. A Yorkie Poo’s requirement for meat, fats, vitamin, and minerals is not different from other breeds. Smaller dogs should eat three meals or more a day.


Whether your dog has straight flowing locks, curly hair, or a combination, you will need to brush her three or four times a week. Many owners keep their dogs in one of several short haircuts. Most trims are a variation on the theme of short body and long head. A Schnauzer cut gives the dog a skirt, shaving the back short and leaving the hair to grow on the belly, legs, feet, and ears. However, a groomer will scissor the longer areas, so you are still left with an easily manageable hair coat. Other popular cuts leave little length on the paws and legs.

  • Teddy Bear – body short, head and ears long but neatly trimmed
  • Puppy – sometimes also called a kennel cut; slightly shorter than Teddy bear trim
  • Curl cut – your groomer may leave the hair longer on a curly-coated dog to highlight the hair’s texture


Yorkie poos need 20 to 30 minutes of daily exercise. They do not require the exertion of working dogs. However, they still thrive on mental enrichment. You must focus on socialization efforts with your Yorkiepoo to foster its brave and extroverted personality. More reserved dogs still need socialization so they do not become anxious or timid.


Basic training should begin for your Yorkie Poo soon after you bring her home. Give her a chance to acclimate to her new surroundings, but training should not wait very long. Yorkipoos are smart, and their companion dog niche means they are willing to please you. However, they can also be sensitive. They benefit from more finesse through praise and validation than some other breeds.