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Why Two Cats Are Better Than One
Two cats are better than one

Why Two Cats Are Better Than One

It is a common misconception that cats are solitary creatures, and one that is thankfully starting to change. More and more adoption shelters recommend adopting two cats at a time, if you can, and more and more people are starting to do so. Cats may be solitary hunters, but they are highly social creatures who crave attention to varying degrees. They can form deep social connections and have plenty of love to give to their human and kitty companions. This is, after all, why they make such great pets.

Like any other creature, a cat needs stimulation, especially if they are an indoor cat. You can provide them with plenty of toys and a nice window perch, but a long day home alone can still start to feel a little lonely. Even a cat who is more aloof and seems to like having their alone time will appreciate the presence of another cat when they are feeling social but you happen to not be home. There is no better stimulation for a cat than another cat that they can burn some excess energy playing with.

Having two cats is especially beneficial if you are interested in getting kittens, as one rambunctious kitten who is always raring to play can be quite a handful. They might not let you fall asleep and might wake you up a lot earlier than you would like. A lone kitten will also have a harder time learning how to inhibit their bite. Having two young cats will solve a lot of these problems, as they will much prefer to roughhouse with each other than with you. They’ll also be able to let each other know, in cat body language, that hard bites are not appreciated.

Don’t worry too much if you’ve got an adult cat who has already been alone for a while and who seems to be happy and well-adjusted. Bringing a new cat into their life and their territory might just stress them out. Just make sure that your cat is getting enough attention and socialization time with you, and consider having a pet sitter, a friend, or a neighbor pop in sometimes if you are away from home for long periods of time.

The best time to get two cats is when both cats are less than a year old. It may take them a little while to get used to each other, but, once they do, they will be friends for life. They’ll both have a buddy who’s always around to play with, to snuggle with, and to help with grooming. Plus, while you should never leave your cats alone for long stretches of time, having two cats means you won’t have to worry that they are lonely if you unexpectedly have to be out longer than you meant to be.

Thankfully, two cats are also not that much more difficult to take care of than one. Yes, you will have to double your food, litter, pet insurance, and vet budget, but your daily routine and daily tasks won’t be changed up all that much. Instead of pouring one bowl of food, for example, you’ll just have to prepare two.

If another cat fits within your budget, then the benefits of having two cats far outweigh the costs. You’ll have double the entertainment and double the cuteness. Nothing can chase away the stress after a day of work quite like watching two bonded cats snuggle up next to each other. You do not have a cat yet? Here you can find cats for sale.

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