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Havapoo puppies for sale under $500
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Havapoo for Sale: Happy and Hypoallergenic Dog

The Havadoodle, part of the Doodle explosion of the 1980s, persists as a loveable and portable family companion. An adaptable little dog, the Havanese Poodle mix does well with singles or large families. It also enjoys children and dogs alike when it gets appropriate socialization. Havapoos are ideal for semi-active owners where attention and low-maintenance care are all the dog asks in return for devotion.

Havapoo puppies for sale
Havapoo puppies for sale


A Havanese Poodle mix is also called a Havapoo, Havanoodle, Havadoodle, or Poovanese.

Brief History

The Havanese is a member of the Maltese family with origins in Cuba, as its name would suggest. Its ancestor was the Tenerife or old Bichon which developed from water spaniels in locations around the Mediterranean Sea in the 1300s. Spanish settlers, including nobility and farmers alike, brought the little dogs to Cuba in the 1500s where they cultivated a companion dog. Poodles have a murkier beginning but were thought to originate in Germany from various Barbets and other water dogs. They were developed to retrieve waterfowl. The smaller varieties were bred from Standard Poodles in France to perform in circuses and to serve as pets. Some Minature Poodles were further refined in the UK to hunt truffles. Havapoos were in the early wave of the Doodle frenzy. Poodles were crossed with numerous breeds in the 1980s to get hypoallergenic dogs that retained some of the charming traits of such dogs like the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, Maltese, and Havanese.

Havapoo for Sale Appearance

A Havapoo is 8 to 15 inches tall and weighs 15 to 45 pounds depending upon whether the Poodle parent is a Miniature, Toy, or Standard. You will see a lot of Poodle in a Havapoo’s face and much of the Havanese or Bichon in the body. The Head is slightly dome-shaped with large dark brown eyes. Both the medium-sized ears and the almond-shaped eyes are wide-spaced. Unexpectedly, the ears look somewhat small relative to the head and hang against the dog’s face. Havapoos have a pronounced stop and a strong straight muzzle that is about the same length as the head. The neck is of a moderate length with sturdiness and power. Havapoos possess a wide chest, laidback shoulders, and power-driven hindquarters. The body is rectangular with a topline that is level or inclines slightly upward from the shoulders to the tail. A Havapoo has a tail that usually curls over the gently rounded croup, but it can point straight upward or be docked. The legs are short and sturdy.

Havanese Poodle mix for sale
Havanese Poodle mix for sale

Havapoo puppies for sale do not give you much of a clue about their adult coats as they all tend to be powder puff balls. An experienced breeder can tell you if your dog will have a curly, straight and silky, or wavy coat. Regardless of their coat’s texture, Havapoos have a single layer of continuously growing hair. This makes them hypoallergenic and low- to non-shedding.


Havapoos, like their parent breeds, can be an array of colors. What is rather unique about the Havapoo’s colors is that they can come in so many patterns.

  • Parti-colored – 30% or more white
  • Pied – mostly white with sparse patches of color
  • Dual colors – can be solid-colored with significant white markings or two different colors that are not white
  • Tricolor – usually two colors like black and brown with white markings
  • Brindle – light base color with darker stripes

Havapoos can sport a seemingly infinite assortment of colors.

  • Blue – blue & white, blue & brown with white, solid blue
  • Liver or chocolate
  • Black and brown
  • Silver or gray
  • Brown – from light tan to red
  • Apricot
  • Black


Havapoo puppies for sale should strike you with their outgoing, curious, and bubbly personalities. These traits carry over into adulthood as Havapoos are somewhat clownish and joyful. A Havapoo is sought for its loving nature, love of cuddling, loyalty, and attentiveness. The breed tends to be intelligent, sensitive, and eager to please. Its activity level is moderate to high. Havapoos that are properly socialized are outgoing and friendly with strangers. They enjoy children but need to stick with older and more careful kids because of their susceptibility to trauma. Havapoos are also social with other dogs, but small to medium playmates are the safest. Your Havapoo will make an excellent watchdog.

Havapoo Puppies for Sale Near Me

As with any puppy, you want to visit a prospective addition to your family. Seeing a puppy in person allows you to select one whose personality seems like it will fit yours and check for basic indicators of good health. Avoid puppies that have any discharge from the eyes or nose or those with signs of diarrhea. Also, skip over pups with obvious personality faults like excessive shyness or withdrawal from the rest of the litter. All puppies should indicate curiosity about you and alert and bright eyes. Assess the cleanliness of the pen and environment and ask to see the parents or any grown siblings. Health certificates may not be readily available on a mixed-breed dog, but check for a history of a veterinary visit and see if the breeder has a family tree on their dogs. Some recommended tests that you luckily may find performed are the following:

  • Knee evaluation
  • Hip screen
  • Eye exam
  • Heart evaluation

Havanese Mixed Puppies for Sale

As the Doodle craze of the 1980s persisted into the 200s and morphed to include all types of hybrids, the Havanese has become a popular breed to cross in its own right.

  • Cheenese – Chihuahua
  • Havamalt – Maltese
  • Havachon – Bichon Frise
  • Havashu – Shih Tzu
  • Hava-Jac – Jack Russell Terrier
  • Ewokian – Pomeranian x Havanese
  • Havaco – Cocker Spaniel
  • Havaton – Coton du Tulear
  • Havashire – Yorkshire Terrier
  • Puganese – Pug; Puginese is Pekingese x Pug


Havapoos require a diet comprised largely of meat along with fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. With the explosion of fresh and raw dog foods on the market, your veterinarian or a nutritionist should play more of a role than ever in your dog’s diet. Carbohydrates remain a personal decision, but dogs can utilize them. You may find that your dog is allergic to some meat proteins or intolerant of grains. Once you decide what to feed your Havapoo, she requires 32 to 38 calories per pound of body weight. A 10-pound adult dog, for example, would eat about three-quarters to one and a quarter cups of kibble or 0.2 to 0.4 pounds of fresh food a day depending on health, activity level, and age.


If your Hapoo has a straight or wavy coat., you can get away with brushing it three or four times a week. Brushing will make sure the hair is well-lubricated with natural oils and that it lies down flat and does not become tangled. If your Dog has curly hair, you should brush it daily. Both of the above scenarios assume you leave your dog’s coat long. You can also shave it into a Teddy Bear style with the body short and the ears, head, and tail a little longer. You can cut your brushing to once or twice a week. Other grooming needs for your Havapoo are monthly nail trims and baths, wiping the face daily, and swabbing the ears every two weeks.


If you balance the needs of the two parent breeds, a Havanese requires 35 to 50 minutes of exercise per day. You should split this into a couple of sessions. Havapoos require weekly outings to stretch their legs and exercises that will stimulate their mind. Fetch or advanced agility training are great mind-engaging and physical activities. Puppies need more of an emphasis on socialization and training than physical exercise.


A Havapoo is generally easy to be with and learns quickly. Eager to please and smart, the Havapoo is simple for a novice to train if he or she has patience. Although you need to be repetitious, you must find creative twists so as not to bore your dog. Frequent training sessions work much more effectively than marathons. Also, be aware of the Havapoo’s innately sensitive nature. She will not learn well in high-pressure situations where there is a lot of tension and verbal reprimand.


Havapoos are healthy dogs that live 12 to 15 years.

Teacup Havapoo Puppies for Sale Near Me

Teacup Havapoos are about eight to ten inches tall and weigh seven or eight pounds. Breeders achieve them by breeding the smallest Havanese with Teacup Poodles. Like other Teacups, the community does not always welcome or encourage them, and they can suffer problems associated with their tiny sizes.