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Hypoallergenic Dogs for Sale

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Mini Poodles

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Whenever I see hypoallergenic dogs for sale near me, I feel a little skepticism. You may also feel doubt in your search for a new dog for your family. After all, you have undoubtedly seen the debates about whether a hypoallergenic dog even exists. The answer is no dog breed is completely hypoallergenic for everyone. There are too many factors that contribute to allergic reactions and numerous individual variations. However, there are several dog breeds with low dander and minimal shedding. You can consider these dogs hypoallergenic because the majority of allergy sufferers seem able to tolerate being around them.

Best Hypoallergenic Dogs

The best hypoallergenic dogs have specific qualities to decrease their chances of triggering allergic responses such as itchy or watery eyes, sniffling, coughing, facial swelling, or sneezing. Hypoallergenic dogs fit into one of three categories.

  • Hairless – No hair, no dander
  • Continuous growth cycle on hair – Rather than fur, these dogs have human-like hair that produces minimal shedding and dander
  • Single-coated dogs – No undercoat means less shedding and dander

Pet Dander and Hypoallergenic Dog Debate

Pet owners and breeders commonly focus on pet hair and dander when considering hypoallergenic options for dogs and cats. Hair is something humans can control. However, many allergy sufferers react to their pet’s saliva or urine rather than their fur. Nevertheless, these owners often respond positively when there is less dander. This is because dander can trap saliva and other substances. Highly allergic people can take additional steps to reduce their symptoms.

  • Bathe pets more frequently
  • Ensure dog sleeps outside bedroom
  • HEPA purifier, filters, and vents to remove airborne allergens

Relevant Factors in the Hypoallergenic Dogs for Sale Debate

The problem with fixating on particular breeds as hypoallergenic is the number of variables that can make an allergic reaction unpredictable. Sensitive individuals are often reactive to the environment as well as their dogs. Most dogs go outside for exercise and to urinate or defecate and can bring allergens inside. Moreover, all dogs shed and have dander regardless of their hair. Some experts argue that the protein of a specific dog is more significant than the fur of any breed. Allergen levels in canine proteins do not appear to be consistent within dog breeds. Nevertheless, Hypoallergenic puppies for sale continue to be in high demand, and dogs with certain types of hair coats tend to cause less suffering for allergic people.

Hypoallergic Dog Breeds

Dogs of various sizes can be hypoallergenic, but many allergy sufferers notice fewer allergy symptoms with small dogs. Little dogs expose their owners to less dander. However, a small dog is not for everyone.

Small Hypoallergenic Dogs


Small Poodles include the Miniature and Toy Poodle varieties. Usually less than 12 inches tall and under 15 pounds, small Poodles are known for their tight curls and low shedding. Even better, they typically like being groomed, so a bath every few days is an acceptable practice for them. Poodles are among the most intelligent of dogs and have a captivating and lively personality to go with their smarts. They are social and friendly and make good companions for the entire family, including children and other pets.

Bichon Family

Members of the Bichon family are small hypoallergenic dogs that have beautiful but low-shedding soft silky or wavy fur. The group includes the all-white Bichon Frise and Maltese, and the Havanese. All of these small canids make good watch dogs with their sharp barks. At the same time, they are friendly, docile, and pleasant. The diminutive Maltese is only three to eight pounds while the largest of the family, the Bichon, is under 22 pounds. Havanese dogs are 12 to 16 pounds and differ because they can be a wide range of colors such as chocolate, black, red, sable, cream, silver, and white, with additional shades, many combinations, and more colors possible. Other less-known members of the Bichon family that are also hypoallergenic dog breeds are the Bolognese from Italy, the Coton de Tulear of Madagascar, and the Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka. Bolognese and Coton dogs are all-white while the Tsvetnaya can be red, brown, gray, sable, or black.

Chinese Crested

Not all of these dogs are hairless, but even the powderpuffs have minimal shedding. The hairless variety has thin fine hair on the head, feet, and tail. Chinese Cresteds are around ten pounds and sweet and lively dogs. Hairless Crested, especially, need a lot of care for their skin which is prone to sunburn and blackheads. Their need for frequent baths makes them naturally allergy friendly. Other hairless dogs follow, and they all require frequent baths and protection from the cold and sunburn.

  • Mexican Hairless(Xoloitzcuintli) – Standard, Miniature, and Toy sizes ranging from 23 to 10 inches tall and from 55 down to 9 pounds
  • American Hairless Terrier – Resulted from a rare mutation in a Rat Terrier
  • Peruvian Orchid
Small Terriers

Terriers are an often-overlooked hypoallergenic dog. Despite the unruly hair of many terriers, most have a single coat of fur that does not shed much. They have no seasonal “blowing” of the undercoat. Many of the terriers on the list for their hypoallergenic properties have coarse or wiry hair that needs to be stripped rather than brushed. Terriers have tenacious and lively personalities with a high prey drive and a feistiness that may be a deterrent for households with small kids. Dogs with good social skills make great and tireless companions for older children and other dogs. Not all small terriers are good candidates for allergy sufferers. For example, Jack Russell and Pit Bull Terriers do not have the same coat qualities as the hypoallergenic dogs listed below.

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apsos, originally from Tibet, are just under a foot tall and weigh from 12 to 18 pounds. Although they can be bossy, Lhasas are even-tempered and highly trainable. You see them with children a lot because they are playful and energetic. Despite the density of their coats, Lhasa Apsos are low-shedding dogs. Many owners keep their Lhasas in body clips which helps with coat maintenance and makes frequent bathing easier.

Shih Tzu

Little “lion dogs” from China, Shih Tus are another small hypoallergenic dog under 11 inches tall and weighing between 10 and 16 pounds. Although he has a double coat, the Shih Tzu’s fur is continuously growing hair. This quality makes the dog a minimal shedder with low dander. Shih Tzus are loyal and loving with their owners and at the same time outgoing and social. They have plenty of energy and are bold, smart, and alert.

Large Hypoallergenic Dogs

Experts agree that small dogs can be better for allergy sufferers than large ones. However, some pet lovers prefer larger dogs and they, too, have options.

Standard Poodle

Not a huge dog by any means, the Standard Poodle is often what comes to mind first when you think of large hypoallergenic dogs. The breed ranges from 15 to 24 inches tall and 50 to 70 pounds. Very clever, the same qualities you expect in a Miniature or Toy you will find in the Standard. Standard Poodles can be more reserved and driven because of their ongoing use as working dogs. They have a single coat of continuously growing curls.

Standard and Giant Schnauzer

Larger working variants of the Miniature, these Schnauzers have the same coarse wiry coat. Shedding is minimal and it is common for owners to strip their dogs or give them a body clip. Schnauzers are courageous, smart, lively, and eager to learn.


A likely ancestor of the Poodle, the Barbet is a medium-sized curly-haired dog that is about 20 inches tall and weighs 40 to 60 pounds. The curls can be loose or tight and possible colors include white, black, brown, fawn, and pied. Barbets are intelligent, even-tempered, sweet, and kind.


Except for a few American Pit Bull Terriers, the Airedale is the largest terrier and has the typical wiry to loosely curled coat. Although Airedales have an undercoat, it is soft and does not shed much. Many owners strip or shave their Airedales. Airedale Terriers are 23 inches tall and weigh 50 to 70 pounds. They are smart, bold, self-assured, and alert. Their outgoing nature makes them good playmates for children and other dogs in the household. They may exhibit aggression towards strange dogs.

Afghan Hound

One of the Afghan’s many defining characteristics is its long flowing coat. `They are hypoallergenic because they have a single coat of thin hair. The breed does not shed much, and dander is low. What dander there is becomes easily trapped in the hair, so frequent bathing is a must for allergy sufferers. Afghan Hounds form strong bonds with their family and are loving and affectionate. With strangers they may be aloof but always carry themselves with dignity.

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dogs are 17 to 23 inches tall and weigh between 35 and 60 pounds. They have a single-layer coat that is either curly or wavy. Portuguese Water Dogs have minimal shedding and dander. You can rinse them with water frequently, but generally only the hindquarters get shaved if anything. The breed is adventurous, outgoing, clingy, intelligent, and willing to please.

Designer Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

Some hypoallergenic dogs for sale have undergone careful selection for a coat type that is low-shedding and a temperament that makes a perfect companion. Many designer dogs started with the Poodle’s desirable coat, but some have developed out of other hypoallergenic breeds such as the Maltese. It is difficult to cover all hypoallergenic dog breeds, but a few are as follows.