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Adaptable and Hypoallergenic: What About Maltipoo Puppies for Sale?

A Maltipoo, as you can easily guess, crosses the Toy Poodle and its hypoallergenic coat with the pretty and loving Maltese. Maltipoo puppies for sale are some of the cutest dogs you will see, but how do you know it will be the right type of pet? Small, intelligent, loving, and lively, the Maltipoo fits a variety of lifestyles. It is adaptive to apartment living and suits solitary owners or large families. Maltipoos get along with cats and other dogs and do best with older children. If you are a semi-active couple with plenty of time to dote on a little dog, a Maltipoo warrants serious consideration.

Maltipoo Puppies for Sale
Maltipoo Puppies for Sale

Ideal Maltipoo for Sale Physical Characteristics

Maltipoos do not win conformation championships as they are not purebred. However, the hybrid is so prevalent that you can expect them to have certain consistent attributes. Maltipoos are small dogs ranging from eight to fourteen inches tall and weighing from five to twenty pounds. Maltipoo puppies for sale may be little round fluffs of fur, but they turn into compact balanced dogs. Maltipoos have surprising strength evident in their shoulders and hindquarters. Their eyes are usually dark, and their ears are high-set but flop over. The tail varies, often carried curled over the back, but it may only have a slight curve. Some breeders may dock the tails of a litter of puppies for sale so that look more like poodles.


Maltipoos can take on the color of the white Maltese or be any of the various shades of the Poodle, including brown, particolored, apricot, black, silver, and cream. Occasionally, you may even see merle Maltipoos. The white and black hairs of a merle dog swirl to create a bluish or dark gray appearance.


The closest estimate of a timeframe for the origin of the Maltipoo is the early 1990s. Designer dogs were already established with the arrival of the Cockapoo in the 1950s. Foundation breeders wanted a small companion dog that was also hypoallergenic, so they crossed the Maltese with the Toy Poodle. Although mixes were probably happening by chance before the 1970s, formal litters of Maltipoos for sale did not occur with regularity until about 20 years ago. Maltipoos are popular as of 2021 in the United States where they began and in Canada and Europe.

Sweet Temperament of the Maltipoo

Although the temperament of a hybrid is difficult to predict, Poodles and Maltese are similar enough that they breed pretty true. You can expect a Maltipoo to be gentle, sweet, mild-mannered, and affectionate. Add to those qualities high intelligence, playfulness, and a social personality, and you can see the charm of any Maltipoo for sale. Maltipoos get along with children and other dogs. Unusually patient for a small breed, the Maltipoo has the humor of a Poodle and enjoys playing. You must stress to kids the importance of appropriate play with tiny dogs because Maltipoos are susceptible to broken bones from trauma. Maltipoos are also great with other dogs and pets. A well-socialized Maltipoo should get along with cats that tolerate or grow up with dogs. The Maltipoo’s small size dictates that you must supervise it around larger dogs. Dogs with a high prey drive can easily pick up a Maltipoo and shake it, resulting in life-threatening injuries.

The Health of a Maltipoo

Maltipoos are healthy dogs that typically live 10 to 13 years. Several of their health issues are common in small-breed dogs and most are easy to control.


Maltipoos for sale can have a variable coat. It may be medium-length, medium-long, or long. Some medium-length coats are scruffy, but most Maltipoos have soft and fluffy hair. It can be silky with a slight wave or dense and curly. In keeping with their hypoallergenic qualities, a Maltipoo has little dander and minimal shedding. You should brush your dog’s coat every day to keep the skin healthy and the hair tangle-free. Many owners clip their Maltipoos to make their coats more manageable. You can experiment with several different hairstyles.

  • Long and flowing – Mostly brushing; minimal trimming
  • Puppy cut – Body medium, head largely left alone
  • Moderate square – Body shaved down, head squared
  • Curly hair – Often receives a moderate cut like a Poodle

Maltipoos are susceptible to dental disease so pay attention to oral hygiene. Check the ears when you brush your dog. Look for redness or an abnormal discharge. Sensitive individuals may require frequent baths, but you should be able to shampoo most dogs every four to six weeks. You can also trim the nails at this time.

Finding Healthy Maltipoo Puppies for Sale near Me

Sometimes it is difficult to know how you are picking the best puppy for your home. You may worry about getting a pup that will be sickly in its early months or develop illness as it matures. Maybe you have concerns about temperament. To increase your probability of getting a healthy puppy, always deal with reputable breeders or adoption agencies. If possible, visit any Maltipoo puppies for sale before your purchase and get a feel for the environment, your potential pup’s littermates, and one or both parents. When you cannot see the parents, often the seller has information about them. If you are lucky, the breeder was able to get relevant certificates and evaluations on mother and father. Recommended tests are as follows.

  • Evaluate knees
  • Cardiac evaluation
Toy Poodle
  • Ophthalmologist exam
  • Evaluate knees
  • DNA test – PRA optigen –> screens for progressive retinal atrophy

Make sure any puppies you consider are alert and outgoing. If the mother is available, look for signs of nervousness, fear, or anxiety. None of these are desirable character traits of either a poodle or a Maltese. Inquire about any problems with low blood sugar or seizures. Be aware of the size of adults and puppies on site. Besides the parents, an older sibling is the next best thing to get an idea of what your pup may be like. A few problems like heart disease are less prevalent in hybrids than the respective purebred parent.

Is a Maltipoo Smart?

Much like the parent breeds, Maltipoos are intelligent and trainable. Poodles, especially, contribute obedience because of their No. 2 standing in working intelligence. For the most part, Maltipoos are more willing to please than the Maltese in areas that involve more than companionship. Maltipoos excel at obedience, Rally, agility, therapy, and emotional support.

How much should you exercise a Maltipoo?

How much you exercise your Maltipoo will depend on the size of your dog and any physical concerns. For example, you will exercise hypoglycemic dogs for a limited period and not long after a meal. Tiny dogs may only require 10 to 15 minutes of daily exercise while your larger Maltipoo may need up to 40 minutes. Your dog will do best if you break up its exercise into two or more sessions. Three 12-minute outings are better than one 36-minute venture. Exceptions come when you want to change things up such as go to the dog park or hiking. Intersperse mental exercises such as training and interactive games or puzzles. Mix easy exercises with high-intensity romps.

Feeding a Maltipoo

Once you think, “I have found the right Maltipoo for sale near me,” you naturally start wondering what dog food to buy. Hopefully, the previous owner has armed you with old food to ease your dog slowly onto her new diet. Premium dry food has high-quality meat as the top ingredient. Some diets are grain-free while others are low carb. Wet foods also have quality ingredients and high moisture content. Despite their reputation for being bad for dental health, canned diets address taste issues. Palatability is often the most important factor for small, hypoglycemic dogs. Some pet lovers opt for homemade or raw diets to address overall health and to feed wholesome real foods. Some homemade diets need supplements to become balanced, so stay in contact with your veterinarian. Maltipoos 10 to 15 pounds typically require 220 to 650 calories per day or 3/4 to 1.5 cups. Active dogs require more calories and so do puppies. Spread your dog’s caloric needs over at least two or three meals a day to help keep blood sugar levels as stable as possible.