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Deadly risk during summer time: dogs and water poisoning
An underestimated danger for dogs: water poisoning/ Image: Wasitt Hemwarapornchai

Deadly risk during summer time: dogs and water poisoning

When temperatures rise and the sun comes out, lakes, rivers or the sea are a small paradise for you and your four-legged friend. However harmless they might seem, only few people know that what starts off as a refreshing trip can bear real danger for your dog and end in tragedy.

A dachshund swims in the river with the danger of water poisoning. / Image: Liliya Kulianionak

Dogs and Water Poisoning

It is common knowledge by now how drastic the effects of overheating can be on dogs. But locking your pet in an overheated car during those hot summer days is not the only mistake you can make. A refreshing swimming trip might sound like the perfect solution, but is it, really?

YES, your dog’s wellbeing can clearly benefit from a quick dive into a lovely stretch of water. But while watching your dog, keep an eye on how much water they are swallowing. Otherwise, an accident is nearer than you think. When letting your dog fetch numerous times, your excited four-legged friend is swimming around, breathing heavily with their mouth open. The swallowing of large amounts of water can, in the worst case, lead to water poisoning.

A Beagle drinks lake water: unsupervised drinking carries the risk of water poisoning. / Image: Soloviova Liudmyla

Water poisoning: the facts

Hydration is healthy- both for humans and animals. But their bodies, just like ours, can only handle a certain amount of water. The reason for that is the so-called electrolyte balance that always needs to be in order. Our cells store water, salts and minerals that are crucial for surviving. If we swallow too much water, this balance is disturbed and our kidneys cannot filter the water properly anymore. Just like humans, dogs are effected negatively by these facts. Nausea, vomiting and lack of appetite can be the first symptoms of water poisoning.

If worst comes to worst, water poisoning can result in death. Sadly, such tragedies have in fact occured in the past when dog owners underestimated the dangerous side effects of summer fun. Know the facts, protect your dog!

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