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Puppies for Adoption

Peaches -Yorkie Poo

Mountain Grove, MO 65711, USA

$900 (Negotiable)

42 S Main St, Veyo, UT 84782, USA


Stone Mountain, GA 30083, USA

Price On Call
Yorkie-male puppy
$800 (Negotiable)
$150 (Negotiable)
$400 (Negotiable)

5054 U.S. 79, Henderson, TX, USA

$700 (Negotiable)

Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA


Southwick, MA 01077, USA


4011 Chihuahua Ct, Jacksonville, FL, USA


Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Merle Pooton Boy

Mountain Grove, MO 65711, USA

$650 (Negotiable)
Beagle last male left

Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, USA


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There are few joys in this world matched by introducing a new puppy into your household. At the end of a hard day, playing with your new puppy will melt away stress and instantly bring a smile to your face. One of the best ways to find your new best friend is to go with or a shelter or rescue club that offers puppies for adoption.

Puppies for Adoption
Puppies for Adoption

The right breed

When searching in our classifieds, it makes sense to research the breeds beforehand to find out which ones are suitable. Shelters that have puppies for adoption often will have personnel who can help match individuals with the right breed. While some breeds might seem to be compatible with your lifestyle, you might learn there might be some issues. If you’re looking for a lap dog that will sit with you while you binge watch Netflix, you might not want to go with a Jack Russell terrier puppy. By the same token, if you have an active lifestyle and you’re looking to get some exercise, going with a bulldog puppy might not work out the way you’d like.


When you’re looking at puppies for adoption, there are a number of different things to consider. What kind of household do you have, for example? Are you living in an apartment or do you have a house with a yard? Do you have any allergies? All of these can influence your decision on the puppy you bring home.


Puppies are cute and adorable and fun — and they can also be quite challenging. When you’re looking at puppies for adoption, you’ll want to do some research about the breed you’re interested in and any unique issues they might have. Some breeds are extremely intelligent and quick to learn, while others take more time. It’s important when you’ve got your new household member to exercise patience and consistency.


So, you’ve looked at puppies for adoption and you’ve decided on one. In most cases, puppies tend to have a lot of energy. That being the case, you’re going to want to spend some time exercising your new puppy. This serves two purposes: actually burning off some of that “puppy energy,” and also helping you and your new puppy to bond. That way, at the end of the day, when both of you are tired, you can just sit together, relax, and unwind.


In most cases, shelters and rescue groups that offer puppies for adoption will not have puppies that are already housebroken. That’s definitely something to consider before bringing one home but many times, just a little time and patience spent with the puppy will go a long way towards eliminating the problem. If your home has a “doggie door,” you’ll find it’s extremely easy to housetrain most puppies, while people in apartment might often use crate training as a means to help with housetraining.

Puppy Proofing

Go visit any household that is bringing a new baby home from the hospital and chances are you’ll find a home that has gone and baby-proofed everything. You’ll want to do that when it comes time to bring your new puppy home. Go around your home and take a look at anything that might interest your puppy and look at making it safe. If you’ve got electric cords that are where a puppy can get to them, find ways to either place them in different areas or where you can make sure your new pet can’t reach them.


Puppies are playful and curious and they want to be entertained. Many puppies for adoption are going to come into your home and immediately be intrigued by everything — and that usually includes anything they can put in their mouth and start chewing. Before you discover your favorite pair of shoes has suddenly become your new puppy’s favorite chew toy, make sure you’ve got toys available that are safe and designed specifically to entertain and distract your newest family member.

Health Considerations

Most places that have puppies for adoption are going to also have medical records to give you. It’ll show you what vaccinations the puppy has had, what vaccinations will be due in the future, and will also either have already spayed or neutered your puppy or will give you a voucher for you to have that performed at a reduced cost. Also, if you are adopting a puppy that might have a medical condition, you’ll be told what to do to alleviate any medical problems down the road.


Unlike older dogs, puppies for adoption may not have their permanent temperament fully defined. Since some puppies might be somewhat timid after their adoption, it’s important to make sure they are properly socialized — both with other pets and with different people. Puppies that have been socialized the right way will be easier to handle when it comes time for grooming or for the occasional visit to your local veterinarian.


Diet is one of the most important aspects when it comes to bringing home your new puppy. Since some puppies for adoption come from environments where they might not have received the right nutrition, it’s important for you to ensure the diet you’re providing is what’s best for your pet. Doing a little research into your puppy’s needs will guide you towards the right protein level, fat content, as well as any unique food allergies that might have developed.

Medical Care

Many rescue clubs and shelters that offer puppies for adoption will have provided basic vaccinations for your puppy, but you might want to go beyond that. Puppies are susceptible to such things as heartworms and parasite infestations, which is why you’ll probably want to go to your local veterinarian and get both heartworm and parasite prevention. Thanks to advances in veterinary science, you’ll find that many products are available that protect your pet with one simple pill, rather than having to go through multiple products.

Finding the Right Puppy

Adopt a Puppy
Adopt a Puppy

When the time comes, a simple web search using “ puppies for adoption near me” will uncover multiple locations for you to choose from. Look at any classifieds that interest you and contact them, telling them what you’re looking for and what you can provide.

When you adopt a puppy, you’re changing multiple lives. You’re changing your life, the puppy’s life, and you’re also helping free up space in shelters so that other puppies will have a chance at finding the home where they belong. You’ll also find yourself the recipient of unconditional love and experience a strong bond between the two of you that will last for years.