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Free puppies near me
If you are looking for free puppies near me, keep in mind that each breed has different requirements.

You have searched for “puppies near me now” or “free puppies near me”? It looks like the time has come for you to take home a new addition that will offer you many benefits and also increase your emotional well-being. Here are the things you should consider beforehand.


The first thing you’re going to want to think about is whether or not you have a particular breed in mind. If it’s a breed that you’re familiar with, you’re already ahead of the game — because you know what to expect. If it’s a breed that you’ve always thought about but you really don’t have a lot of experience with, all you need to do is a quick web search about the breed and read up on it.

Some breeds, such as Labrador retrievers, are high energy puppies and if you’re living in an apartment, that might not be the best choice for you. Of course, in most cases, no matter what breed you’re thinking about, you’re going to find having a puppy with you can be both an incredibly rewarding and an incredibly challenging experience.

Keep in mind that a two-pound Maltese puppy is going to be a lot less challenging than a fifty-pound Great Dane puppy.


You’ll want to decide when you want to bring your puppy home. Ideally, you’ll choose a time when you can actually spend time with your new arrival. If you’ve got a vacation planned and you’re not going to be home, it’s probably best if you hold off on getting your puppy until you’re back and you can help your young addition get settled in. On the other hand, if you’re ready to bring someone home immediately, searching for “free puppies near me now” should provide you with a list of puppies that are immediately looking for their forever homes.

Setting Things Up

Before you bring your new puppy home, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got everything you need. Many experts suggest having a dog crate available that will work both as a means of housetraining your puppy and also providing a safe environment. Dogs are descended from wolves, after all, and wolves are “den dwellers.” They feel most secure when they have protection on all sides and can face outwards for any intruders that might show up.

You’ll also want to get a quality dog food, most of which are commercially available. It’s also a good idea to have several chew toys on hand. Puppies are notorious chewers and having toys available they can work on will both help relieve any stress they’re experiencing and also prevent any destruction from taking place.

Then, when you’re ready, you can simply look for “free adoption puppies near me” and embark upon your quest to find your new best friend.

What the seller of free puppies expects

Someone who gives away puppies for free still has certain expectations.
Someone who gives away puppies for free still has certain expectations.

Just because you might be getting a puppy at no charge, that doesn’t mean the owner/seller of the puppy isn’t going to want to make sure the puppy is going to a good home. Some people might require a questionnaire to be filled out and in some cases (especially when dealing with a rescue organization), there might even be an in-home visit taking place. This is done to ensure the puppy is being brought into a safe environment and is also designed to keep individuals who might be getting puppies to be used as “bait dogs” from getting their hands on any puppies.

The owner will probably ask questions about the other household members, as well as any other pets that the puppy will encounter. Some owners will actually ask that households with very young children not consider bringing large breed puppies that might tend to overwhelm the youngest members of the family.

It’s a good idea to have references from your local veterinarian that will show you are a responsible pet owner. This goes a long way to alleviating any concerns the owner/seller might be having as to whether or not the puppy is going to a safe, solid home.

Multiple puppies

You should also think about whether or not you want to take home multiple puppies for free. In some cases, bringing home litter mates provides the puppies with a sense of security and comfort when they come to their new home. It also has the advantage of giving the puppies someone to play with and hang out with when family members are not available. It’s important to make sure that plenty of time is spent with the puppies individually, however, or else there’s a chance they’ll become too bonded with each other and be close enough to the other members of the family.

Health Check

You have looked at the list of puppies to good home and found the perfect match? Before bringing your new puppy (or puppies) home, you’ll want to stop by your local veterinarian and make sure they’re in good health. Quite a few puppies actually have parasites but a simple deworming will usually get them into good health in no time at all. You should want to make sure your puppy has a rabies vaccination, of course, and also be immunized against most of the other canine diseases. It’s also a good idea to have the vet check the puppy over for any external parasites (such as fleas) that you’re not going to want to have invading your home.


After you’ve searched for free puppies near me and found the puppy you’ve always wanted, you’re also going to want to get that newest member of the family socialized. This can be done either by taking your puppy out for walks around the neighborhood or by going to a dog park and letting it run around and just generally play around with the other puppies that are there. A dog that is well-socialized will be friendly (but not too friendly) with strangers and will be alert to any potential dangers that might be around.
A dog that isn’t socialized, however, will be nervous around strangers and might even become fearful and aggressive.

When you make the decision to bring a puppy into your life, you’re taking on an emotional and financial responsibility that will last for years — and, in return, you’ll find yourself with a companion that will be by your side through some of the most joyful times of your life, as well as provide you with comfort and unconditional love when you’re going through some rough patches.
Either way, bringing a puppy home and into your heart will change both of your lives forever.

Free Puppy Listings
Free Puppy Listings – list or get puppies for free.

Free Puppy Listings

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