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How to Trick or Treat Safely with Your Dog
Dogs Enjoy Being Part of the Halloween Festivities / Photo: Monkey Business Images

How to Trick or Treat Safely with Your Dog

Are you dressing your dog up in a costume for Halloween? If so, chances are you’re planning to bring them along for trick-or-treating. Dogs enjoy being part of family Halloween activities, and it’s a great opportunity for bonding. Whether you plan to go trick-or-treating in the daylight or at night, it’s crucial to take safety measures to protect your furry friend. Keep reading to find out how to trick or treat safely with your dog!

Keep Them on a Leash

Dog sitting as a ghost for Halloween in front of a door
Dogs Need to be on a Leash While Out in Public / Photo: Javier Brosch

Even if your dog is well-trained and usually stays by your side, it’s advisable to keep them on a leash during Halloween. The holiday brings more foot traffic than usual, and your dog might feel overwhelmed or scared, potentially running into the street.

Additionally, pet theft, particularly of purebred dogs, has been on the rise. Keeping your dog on a leash minimizes the risk of them being snatched. Short leashes are recommended to keep your dog close, and if you’re in a large group, you can take turns holding the leash.

Use a Reflective Collar with Identification Tags

American Pitbull Terrier with reflective collar
Reflective Collars Help Save Lives / Photo:

A reflective collar not only adds flair to your dog’s Halloween costume but also enhances their visibility. This is especially important as it gets dark earlier during the fall season. A reflective collar can catch a driver’s attention, potentially preventing an accident. It also helps you keep track of your dog and children if they’re walking ahead of you in the dark.

Bring a Flashlight When Trick or Treating at Night

Flashlight beam of light on a dark background
Flashlights Keep You and Your Dog Safe / Photo: Kryuchka Yaroslav

Trick-or-treating at night is fun, but it’s essential to carry a flashlight to illuminate your path. While many people use their phone’s flashlight, a handheld flashlight is generally brighter and covers a larger area. This is particularly useful for avoiding damaged sidewalks or other hazards like loose manhole covers.

Put Doggie Shoes on Their Paws for Protection

Dog wearing protective shoes
Dog Shoes Prevent Injuries and Damage to Paws / Photo: ratikorn niyamajan

Doggie shoes can protect your dog’s paws from rough or unfamiliar terrain. They also add an extra cute factor to your dog’s Halloween costume. It’s a good idea to get your dog accustomed to wearing these shoes a few weeks before Halloween to ensure they’re comfortable walking in them.

Are you ready to go trick-or-treating with your dog? Start making plans to keep them safe today!

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