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Sell Birds Online
Where to sell birds online? Sell birds online today with the leading pet classifieds website for pet lovers.

Sell Birds Online

Selling your birds can be a quick and painless process. Basically, you simply need some good photographs or videos, as well as some background details about your pet. From there, you can advertise with local veterinarians, pet shops, or go with local online listings, such as

Where to Sell Birds Online

If you want to sell your bird online, is possibly the best place. If you want to sell birds locally, be sure to include your location so that interested people nearby can find your ad. Creating an ad is completely free and you will reach a lot of interested people. You can easily create an ad here: Post Ad

To determine what birds are available and to give you a general idea of a fair price when you sell birds, check out our bird classifieds.


In addition to selling your birds, you can also place your birds up for adoption, while requesting a “rehoming” fee. The purpose of the rehoming fee is to make sure that the individual adopting your bird is willing to show financial responsibility for the pet.

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Breed Clubs

Contacting breed clubs is also an excellent way to sell your birds online. If you’re looking to sell cockatiels, for example, going online and finding cockatiel breeders and/or rescue clubs is yet another route that you can take. The benefit to using a breed club to sell your bird is that you’ll be dealing with individuals who understand the breed and any unique requirements that it may have.
One breed that is usually very quick to have interest in is the parrot. If you’re looking to sell your parrot, you should probably be able to find a buyer fairly quickly. Parrots are very much in demand because of their unique vocal abilities, as well as the fact they are known for bonding with their owners.

Avian Veterinarian

When it comes to selling your bird, another avenue to explore is finding a local avian veterinarian. They will know of any clients of theirs looking for birds matching yours and can assist you in finding a home for your pet. This also has the advantage of having them able to reassure any potential buyers as to the quality and the health of the bird you’re selling.

Background information

When you go to sell your bird, make sure to provide all relevant background information, both positive and negative. Emphasizing the positive traits in the first part of the advertisement may alleviate any negative traits you reveal later on. Since birds are very much unique individuals, it’s always best to allow any potential buyer the opportunity to decide whether or not they are willing to take on the responsibilities of your particular bird.


People who sell birds online know nothing is more important than having quality photographs. For most people, the more unique and colorful the bird, the greater the likelihood of having someone be interested in either adopting or purchasing it. You’ll want to use a quality camera in order to accentuate your bird’s unique coloration and plumage.


When it comes to knowing how to sell birds online, in addition to photographs, if your bird has unique personality characteristics, such as doing tricks or speaking, going with a quality video is a strong selling point. Some birds, while not having colorful feathers, exhibit entertaining qualities that might well entice potential buyers.

Checking Out The Buyer

Since your selling your bird, you are perfectly justified in checking out potential buyers. This way, you’ll be able to make sure you’re placing your pet in a good home and and you’ll be able to determine whether or not your pet is a good fit. You wouldn’t want to sell your African gray, for example, to someone who doesn’t understand the unique needs and characteristics of the breed.

With interest in birds growing every day, selling your bird should not prove to be difficult. By doing a little bit of due diligence and exercising proper caution, both buyer and seller of your bird should find it to be a pleasant and painless experience.

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