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These indoor plants could harm your pet!
As adorable as it might look, this cat is in danger. / Image: Nataliia Pyzhova

These indoor plants could harm your pet!

When preparing your home for a pet, an area one might not think of immediately is plants in the home. Many plants are, in fact, poisonous for cats. This makes it extremely important to get informed before buying a plant for its good looks!

Prime examples for dangerous plants are ivy or Benjamin’s figs, which is all the more shocking considering how popular they are in our homes. While they might look pleasing to the human eye, for cats they can cause diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach cramps or even death. Even the lovely daffodil can prove to be fatal for your pet.

Be aware of cut flowers

But not only potted plants can present an acute danger; lilies, magnolias, sweet maries and hydrangeas too are anything but agreeable for cats. Another potent danger is the water used to maintain the plants. Since some cats prefer to drink stagnant water, the water in your plant pots can be a dangerous temptation for your pet! Especially when using fertiliser, you must act extremely carefully in order to protect your cat.

These pot plants and cut flowers are a no-no

Even though you should always consult an expert, here’s a list of plants that could harm your cat:

  • agave, aloe, azalea, angel trumpet
  • Benjamin’s fig, boxwood, belladonna
  • cyclamen, philodendron, Christmas rose, chrysanthemum, cacti, crocus, Christmas flower, croton, calla
  • daphne
  • edelweiss
  • foxglove, fern
  • geranium, gorse
  • honeysuckle, hydrangea, hyacinth, holly
  • ivy
  • lilac, laurels, lily of the valley, laburnum
  • monkshood, monstera, mistletoe
  • narcissus
  • oleander, orchid
  • peace lily, privet, passionflower, primrose
  • spring snowflake, solanum, spindle
  • tobacco plant, ¬†tulip
  • yucca

Attention during Christmas time

Christmas decoration must be chosen carefully by those with pets. / Image: Leena Robinson

Even though Christmas decoration is lovely and belongs to every homely household, be cautious of which plants you decorate your home with. The popular Christmas flower is a prime example of a perfectly common and popular plant that is not to be joked with if you want to protect your cat. Christmas flower and mistletoe can lead to diarrhoea, vomiting, cramps, liver damage or even death when eaten by cats.

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