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What Cats are Hypoallergenic?
Hypoallergenic Cats: Some Cat Breeds are Considered Hypoallergenic / Photo: Veera

What Cats are Hypoallergenic?

Do you love cats but can’t have one because you are allergic? Good news! There are cat breeds that are considered hypoallergenic and make excellent pets. Hypoallergenic cats produce fewer allergens compared to other breeds. Allergens come from two areas such as pet dander and protein found in saliva. Most allergies are due to the protein which is the key factor that makes certain cat breeds hypoallergenic.

Best Hypoallergenic Cats

Hypoallergenic cat breeds
Certain Breeds make the Best Hypoallergenic Cats / Photo: MashaSay

Now that you are interested in a hypoallergenic cat it’s time to explore the best breeds that make excellent domestic pets. The following list includes the best hypoallergenic cats you should consider as a pet.

As an allergy sufferer, you need to keep in mind that all cat breeds secrete the protein Fel d1 and Fel d4 which causes allergies in humans. However, the list of hypoallergenic cats shown above produces less of these proteins which means it leads to a lower risk of an allergic reaction.

Hypoallergenic Black Cats

Black hypoallergenic Sphinx cat
Hypoallergenic Black Cats are a Popular Choice for Pet Parents / Photo: komokvm

Do you love black cats and thought you would never get a chance to own one as a pet? The following black hypoallergenic cats are excellent options!

Japanese Bobtail

This cute breed is a medium-sized cat that has tall ears and prominent cheekbones which makes them look elegant. The front legs are a bit shorter compared to the hind legs but this breed is still able to maintain excellent balance. They are available in black shorthair or longhair and feature a short tail. One thing to keep in mind about this breed is they are amazing jumpers so make sure you have your house cat proofed so they don’t break everything you own.


This breed is named after their origin country and has a natural triple coat that provides protection against harsh elements. You might be wondering how they can be hypoallergenic with a super thick coat. They are considered hypoallergenic because they produce low levels of the Fel d1 protein that causes allergies in humans. Their beautiful longhaired triple coat makes them a popular breed as a domestic pet. They are also very social, affectionate, and loving. Their friendly nature makes them a wonderful option as a companion or family pets.

Devon Rex

This medium size cat breed features large heads and a broad chest. However, their adorable butterfly ears that are located low on their heads make them look similar to an elf. They have curly soft coats but often lose their hair due to their delicate skin. Sometimes even their whiskers might fall out due to excessive grooming. This cat breed is playful, energetic, and has incredible jumping skills. They are known to jump from one tree to another. Due to their superior skills, it’s important to prevent them from climbing tall trees.


You might be surprised to learn that the LaPerm cat breed that features luxurious bouncy curls is hypoallergenic. They have curls around their ears and neck that form a mane and their plumed tail adds to their cuteness. While this breed has a variety of colors such as red, tabby, and tortoiseshell, black is a popular color coat that is high in demand. This breed is playful and often exhibits clownish behavior. They are extremely loving towards their family but they also have a bit of a mischievous streak and exhibit this by throwing your items off countertops and bookshelves.

Do Hypoallergenic Cats make Good Pets?

Do hypoallergenic cats make good pets
Hypoallergenic Cats are Great Pets / Photo: LightField Studios

Depending on the breed, hypoallergenic cats make excellent family and companion pets. The key to finding the right breed for you is to match their personality traits with yours to ensure you will get along in harmony. When choosing a hypoallergenic cat, speak to the breeder and ask to meet the parents to observe their behavior. Also, make sure you spend time with the kitten before agreeing to adopt it. Make sure they have a sweet, friendly, and playful nature. Hypoallergenic cats make excellent pets and become cherished members of the family. Most of the breeds have a sweet, friendly, and loving disposition and make great cuddle buddies. Cats have a natural athletic ability that allows them to jump far distances. As a pet owner, you will need to cat-proof the interior of your house by removing small objects they can swallow and getting rid of toxic plants. Changing furniture around to prevent your cat from leaping from one place to another is also helpful.

Are you ready to become a pet parent to a hypoallergenic cat? Start your search today!

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