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Maine Coon

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Large, Glorious, and Fun: Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

A Maine Coon cat, named for the state in which it originated, is the largest of domesticated cats. With the possibility of Siberian Longhair and Norwegian Forest Cat in its lineage, the Maine Coon is an attractive, yet rugged-looking cat built for hunting in cold weather. If you are an active and social person who wants a cat to keep up with entertaining guests or venturing outdoors for some leash walking, selecting from Main Coon cats for sale may be a great choice for your next pet.

How to Care for Maine Coon Cats for Sale

Maine Coons have the same basic needs as other cats. They require attention and love to thrive as they are an affectionate breed. Where they differ from your typical feline is in their size, and their coats are unique.


You will have to feed your Maine Coon more than usual because of their huge size. The higher the quality of cat food, the less you will need to give. Many owners mix dry and wet formulations or feed strictly dry commercial diets to lessen the costs. Regardless, your Maine Coon will need meat proteins in the top ingredients of anything you give her. You can feed commercial raw or fresh recipes, but these may prove cost prohibitive. Other options are a commercial moist blend or making your cat’s food at home. the latter should have the approval of a nutritionist or veterinarian because you can easily miss vital nutrients or provide an unbalanced diet. Cats need more taurine than dogs, and the lack of this amino acid in sufficient quantities will lead to heart disease. Plan on feeding your Maine Coon 25 to 35 calories per pound which will work out to seven to fifteen ounces of wet food per day. Without the weight of moisture, you can feed three to five ounces of dry food daily or five to 12 ounces of raw food. Exact amounts depend on the food’s quality and your cat’s weight, age, activity level, and health. Maine Coon kittens for sale should eat three to four meals daily while adults can go down to two. Young cats that are still growing may need twice as much food per pound of body weight than full-grown adults.



Maine Coons have dual coats that are surprisingly thinner than other long-haired cats. The fur will still tangle if you neglect it. You should brush your cat’s coat every other day or three times a week. Some owners opt to shave their cats into one of several styles, including the popular lion cut. Even though cats are self-groomers, Maine Coons are not the most fastidious as a rule. You should bathe your cat every month or two, getting him used to water as a kitten. Many Maine Coons enjoy the water. Regular baths help control shedding and dander and improve the coat’s cooling efficiency during the summer months. If you visit Maine Coon kittens for sale, you will notice they just have fluff. Ear tufts may be present or will appear within a few weeks of you bringing your new kitten home. The neck ruff and other elements of the adult coat develop around nine months of age.


You should trim your cat’s claws every four weeks unless he goes outdoors. Cats maintain their claws well, but you can prevent snagging, and it will protect your upholstery and carpeting to some extent. You must apply light pressure on the toes to extract the nail from its sheath. Keep in mind that some Maine Coons have extra toes. Outdoor cats require their claws for minimal protection and to enable them to climb out of harm’s way.


Cats have ears that you can inspect easily without touching them. Look for redness, excess wax, or discharge. Other signs that your cat’s ears are bothering her are if she scratches them or shakes her head. Your Maine Coon’s ears are sensitive, so get her used to you cleaning them when she is a kitten.


Maine Coons are energetic cats. They require 25 to 30 minutes of exercise daily. Remember to think of exercising a cat in terms of how bobcats hunt in the wild. Unlike wolves and wild dogs, not cat will chase its prey for more than a couple of hundred yards at most. Play with your cat hard for five-minute intervals. You can also take him for a troll or play leisurely games. Also, do not forget your cat’s mental health. You should focus on training your cat for at least a few minutes a day.


Maine Coon cats for sale are impressive-looking cats. Typically, an adult is ten to sixteen inches tall and 19 to 40 inches long including the tail. Maine Coons weigh 13 to 22 pounds, although females can be substantially smaller. Some individuals are even under ten pounds. On top of its massive size, the Maine Coon has an outer coat of varying lengths giving it a tousled appearance and making it appear bigger. The coat lies in a ruff of longer hair around the neck that immediately shortens at the shoulders. The Maine Coon is not a long, lanky cat but a solid, sturdy, rugged feline that still manages to look majestic. She has tufted paws and ears and a long, well-furred tail.


  • Black
  • Blue-grey – Any shade of gray or blue
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • White
  • Red
Multiple Colors
  • Smoke – Undercoat significantly lighter than outer hairs; At first look solid black
  • Tortoiseshell – Patchwork coloration; Black with orange and cream
  • Tabby – One of more common presentations
  • Shaded – Two different shades of a color
  • Bicolor – Usually a solid color or tabby with white


Maine Coons are one of the several cats breeds that owners describe as acting more like canids than felines. Highly intelligent, trainable, and social, Main Coon kittens for sale can learn to walk on a leash and come to you when their names are called. They are loyal, affectionate, and playful. They get along with children, other pets, and your guests. The only cautionary note is that they have high prey drives and are excellent mousers. A Maine Coon is not a good choice around a hamster, gerbil, or rat.


Even when you see an ad for “Maine Coon kittens for sale near me,” experts recommend waiting until they are twelve weeks old before taking one home. You will end up with a healthier and more well-adjusted cat. You can often visit them ahead of time and at that time can assess care, cleanliness, and vigor. Maine Coons can experience a few problems although they often live to be 13 or 14 years old.

Maine Coon cats for sale may not come with health certificates, but a conscientious breeder should be able to give you some background on the parents. Avoid Maine Coon kittens for sale that are sneezing or have diarrhea or nasal discharge. Find out the vaccination and deworming schedule for your potential kitten. The advantage to waiting until a kitten is twelve weeks old before purchase is that some hereditary problems may already be starting to show up.