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Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkie

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What to Know About the Pint-Sized Dynamo the Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkie Puppies for Sale

A Yorkshire Terrier, also called a Yorkie, is a small-breed dog that many people value for its size and demeanor. Among the smallest of terriers, a Yorkie has a surprising combination of desirable characteristics. Yorkies for sale are fearless, loyal, and gentle with kids. They can thrive as companions, but they also are easy to train and can excel in agility and as therapy animals. Whether you enjoy a peaceful solitary existence or have a full and bustling household, a Yorkie can fit in well.

Overview of the Yorkie

Yorkies are eight or nine inches tall and weigh under seven pounds. Show judges prefer the breed to stay between four and six pounds, but the Yorkie’s weight has proven difficult to standardize. Some individuals are close to 15 pounds. The Yorkshire Terrier is compact and balanced with a short, level back. The head also exhibits balance being flat on top and with a medium-length snout. A Yorkie’s eyes are medium and dark. The ears are relatively small though upright and with a characteristic V shape. Where legal, Yorkie puppies for sale will have a medium-length tail that has been docked. Only one color is acceptable in Yorkies and that is steel blue and tan.

Short History

Yorkies originated in Scotland in the 1800s to hunt rats in the small crevices of mines. Terriers from Scotland figured prominently in the Yorkie’s creation, but intense development of the breed occurred in Yorkshire, England in the 1850s. Experts believe Paisley Terriers (a miniature variety of the Skye Terrier), Dandie Dinmonts, Maltese, and Black-and-Tan Terriers were top contributors to the Yorkie. Fanciers formalized the Yorkie breed standard in the 1860s, and the Yorkshire Terrier joined the AKC in 1885.

What is a Yorkie’s Temperament?

Playful Yorkshire Terrier for Sale

Yorkies have confidence that belies their tiny size. They are smart, affectionate, loyal, and brave. Their high head carriage should emphasize their self-assurance. Most Yorkies prefer to stay by your side although they do not have to be in your lap. Yorkie puppies for sale should be alert and lively. A Yorkie’s gait is quick and darting.


Yorkshire Terriers are patient and gentle with children. The breed does best with quiet and more mature children. Some Yorkies have a playful personality, but many just enjoy a child’s attention. Social dogs should not show any nervousness or tendency to snap. However, the Yorkie’s size makes it vulnerable to injuries from kids of all ages stepping or falling on them. Luckily, their quickness can often save Yorkies from a youngster’s clumsiness.

Other Pets

Yorkies can be social with other animals. As is true with most dogs, early socialization is the key to how your Yorkie interacts with other pets. Yorkshire Terriers even get along with cats if you pay particular attention to the introductions. Yorkshire Terriers retain a high prey drive from a background in hunting rats. They are not trustworthy around pocket pets. Yorkies enjoy other dogs. You must exercise caution when the size disparity between your Yorkie and another dog is significant. You should always supervise your terrier around dogs over 25 to 50 pounds. Base your decisions about mixing dogs on your pet’s size and the other dog’s disposition.


Yorkies have a loud, sharp bark and are not hesitant to announce strangers and strange occurrences. They make excellent watchdogs. Once your guests enter your home, a Yorkie can either be suspicious and aloof or outgoing and friendly. A well-socialized Yorkshire Terrier for sale will not bite without provocation. Most Yorkies are willing to make friends with time.

Do Yorkie Puppies for Sale Turn Into Smart Dogs?

Stanley Coren ranks the Yorkie 27th most intelligent dog of about 138 breeds. Classified as having above-average smarts, Yorkies perform very well for a breed that is no longer a working animal. As well as obedience, Yorkies also demonstrate instinctive intelligence as hunters and adaptive cleverness in their independence and ability to solve problems on their own. As smart as Yorkies are, training is not easy unless they enjoy what you ask them to do. The Yorkshire Terrier is notoriously difficult to housebreak and may find other skills like laying down on command or walking on a leash objectionable.

Yorkie puppy and mother dog
Yorkie puppy and mother dog

Health of Yorkie Puppies for Sale near Me

Yorkshire Terriers have relatively minor health issues. They can live 13 to 16 years. Their most common problems are orthopedic or digestive in nature. Like many other small breeds, Yorkie puppies for sale may suffer from luxating patellas and Legg-Perthes disease. A luxated patella is a “floating” kneecap that causes lameness when it is out of position. Legg-Calve-Perthes interrupts circulation to the head of the femur leading to severe pain in the hip joint.

Digestive disorders range from simple food intolerance and a sensitive stomach to liver shunts, hypoglycemia, and life-threatening pancreatitis. Yorkies for sale can also suffer from eye problems such as progressive retinal atrophy or cataracts. Finally, your Yorkie may experience a collapsing trachea. The cartilage rings of the trachea are inherently weak from genetic factors and can cause the windpipe to snap shut. This results in a characteristic wheeze or honking cough. Severe cases of a collapsing trachea can have trouble breathing.

The American Kennel Club recommends a knee and eye evaluation of breeding dogs. You should try to evaluate any Yorkie puppies for sale in person. A thorough assessment of potential problems will be difficult for any rescue dogs and maybe even for an adult Yorkshire Terrier for sale.


In the show ring, a Yorkie’s coat is its shining glory. It is long and silky, reaching the ground and parting neatly down the dog’s midline. In truth, a Yorkshire Terrier for sale has a variable coat. In addition to the smooth, long, glossy variety, there is a cotton coat Yorkie that has wavy, medium-length, wooly hair. Low-shedding continuously growing hair comprises both Yorkie coat types. Even with the silky coats, most pet owners keep their Yorkie’s hair short or medium in length to avoid tangles and mats. A show look requires daily brushing and maintaining your Yorkie’s long locks. The easiest method is to part your dog’s hair and comb or brush it in strips. Wavy coats require brushing twice a week or more to avoid matting. A pin or wire brush works best. Yorkies have two common cuts.

  • Shave down – Body and legs clipped short, head left a little longer
  • Teddy Bear – The groomer cuts the hair shorter all over; Hairstyle gives each Yorkie a unique look and makes them appear puppyish

It is common to bathe Yorkies as much as every week because of their continuously growing hair. A bath every six weeks, though, is sufficient if you brush regularly. Yorkies have sensitive skin, so mild shampoos are crucial. Brush your dog’s teeth every few days at the minimum and check its ears. A Yorkie’s claws will require trimming every four to six weeks.

Yorkie for Sale

Feeding a Yorkie

Yorkies within the standard size range require 150 to 200 calories per day or a quarter to three-quarters of a cup of dog food. As many dogs are around five pounds in weight, they are susceptible to falling blood sugar levels. You can help avoid hypoglycemia by feeding your Yorkie at least three meals throughout the day. Puppies require up to 400 calories a day during their fastest growth phase. Keep in mind that tiny teacup Yorkie puppies for sale are very likely to be hypoglycemic and may require you to feed them every hour for life. All Yorkshire Terriers should eat highly palatable dog food with meat as a primary part of the first five ingredients. Some owners cook homemade diets to further help decrease fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Yorkies with a sensitive stomach, frequent bouts of pancreatitis, or a portosystemic shunt may require a home-cooked or prescription diet.

How much exercise does a Yorkshire Terrier need?

Yorkies can be tiny and do not need as much exercise as longer-legged breeds. However, A Yorkshire Terrier needs more than a quick spin around your yard. About 30 to 40 minutes of exercise for your Yorkie should suffice to produce a happy dog. Remember, dogs need mental stimulation as well as physical exercise. Make sure your Yorkie has periods of high-intensity activities and dedicate some of the exercise time to training. Puppies need limited exercise while they are growing, so you can use the leftover time for socialization and basic training.

What is Special about Teacup Yorkie Puppies for Sale?

Tiny Teacup Yorkie
Tiny Teacup Yorkie

Teacup Yorkie puppies for sale will probably be less than a pound when you choose one to take home. Full-grown dogs are five to seven inches tall and only weigh two to four pounds. Susceptible to a host of health challenges, teacup Yorkies on average live seven to ten years. They result from generations of selective breeding of the smallest pups from each litter. A small size places a lot of stress on the body. Teacup Yorkshire Terriers suffer the same disorders and diseases as standards but to a greater extent.

  • Hypoglycemia – Very high risk
  • Retinal dysplasia – Blindness
  • Seizures
  • Heart failure
  • Collapsed trachea
  • Liver shunt